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just your average FFr, not great but i do my best. Youtube:
Games in general but i do like my rhythm games ^^ i am spreading the love for games through my youtubechannel i'm tryng to launch. (but not a lot of people watch it though)
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Charmoeleon writes at 2:18:15pm on 7/23/20
No worries. Basically what happened was that there was a three-way tie for last place during Round 2 with about 12 hours left until end of round. Someone broke the tie within that 12 hour window, though, which knocked out VapR and me.
HBar writes at 4:52:00pm on 7/14/20
Nice work, see you in Round 3
Ksl33zy24 writes at 4:44:16am on 7/13/20
Way to get out of eliminations in our division. (:
Preg Jr writes at 2:09:31am on 7/23/16
Thank you bby
sweet2kill210 writes at 11:01:09pm on 3/18/16
Love your keyboard! <3
FFR Pro 21 writes at 7:19:49am on 11/22/13
Thanks :)
D!LL writes at 7:31:02pm on 9/10/13
Chewiefromhell writes at 8:20:43pm on 8/20/13
beary605 writes at 10:17:38pm on 3/28/13
I've stopped playing GMS and started going on nostalgia private servers, too many people obsessed with leveling as fast as possible :(
_Stepdude_ writes at 9:51:46am on 3/28/13
LOL, haha! Nice coincidence :D Awesome game btw ^^