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i am turning into metal coins
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Posted on: April 11, 2014, at 03:25:33am   [0 comments]
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Zyxel writes at 9:28:04am on 1/16/24
sick profile
Kawaii025 writes at 7:11:57pm on 7/14/23
I'm rooting for you Tox! :D
T-Force writes at 6:37:46pm on 7/10/23
Hell yeah! (no I totally didn't look at my prior comment to you from... 2019, and then go to my profile to find the context of it)
I have a friend currently going through the first one right now (and they bought the second because the love the first already) so the more people who play it the better! (also, I was very happy there's a fast forward button during those dance scenes...)
T-Force writes at 1:06:23am on 7/9/23
So uhhhh... did you ever end up getting Somnium Files?
Kawaii025 writes at 5:32:03pm on 7/7/23
Yay us! :)
I'm about to play the file now. Let's see how bad I get wrecked.
SC_coolguy44 writes at 6:37:50pm on 7/27/21
It's because the songs in this tournament are harder and they put the lower level players of each division the the tournament division lower than their actual division iirc
choof writes at 6:19:17pm on 6/25/21
oh shit
Kawaii025 writes at 3:38:57pm on 7/13/20
The pee water is too deep. I cri.
Kawaii025 writes at 11:21:11am on 7/11/20
Tox! <3
Gingerham writes at 5:18:59am on 6/25/20
Tox in the ot :o