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I like a lot of video games, especially the tales series and tales of the abyss. and some anime like naruto and bleach as well.
tales of series games (especially toa)
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practically anything
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Sync Battle! (but he had to lose! XO)
Posted on: August 23, 2007, at 10:46:54am   [3 comments]

Tales of the Abyss-Karma
Posted on: August 17, 2007, at 11:29:53am   [1 comment]

Tales of the Abyss: Mystic Artes
Posted on: August 14, 2007, at 12:22:37pm   [3 comments]

Sync in Eldrant (japanese)
Posted on: August 14, 2007, at 12:18:53pm   [1 comment]

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legault123456789 writes...
at 8:06:42pm on 5/28/09
hi. (wow this site's like ancient xD)
legault123456789 writes...
at 6:32:25pm on 4/12/09
oh and Happy Easter
erk12345 writes...
at 6:44:06pm on 4/11/09
lol i still watch ur sync vid xD
legault123456789 writes...
at 6:10:15pm on 3/12/09 seems like it's gonna take a while though. -__-
legault123456789 writes...
at 7:42:33pm on 2/20/09
t(-.-t) <-- this face got split so here, just to clarify xDDDD
legault123456789 writes...
at 7:41:39pm on 2/20/09
omg did you see TOA episode 16?!?! SYNC WAS ON THE TARTARUS!!! but luke t(-.-t) AGAIn had to SOMEHOW beat him! he was so hot, and that part about falling off! *gasp! (o_O) and Ion was the ONLY one to cry for him, omg he's my 2nd fave character now just for that
legault123456789 writes...
at 9:37:44pm on 2/14/09
Happy Valentine's Day!
Arietta the Wild writes...
at 2:41:33am on 1/24/09
hmm... man itz been a while huh ^^ u were true, we r lazy XD
Arietta the Wild writes...
at 8:07:12am on 1/4/09
Happy new year 2 u 2 :p what were ur presents??
legault123456789 writes...
at 2:04:02pm on 12/31/08
Happy New Years! =D
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