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I'm a guy who found this site randomly. and now I'm addicted lol. Whatever I have one of my best friends (rubymoon8899) who I hang with.
Surfing the web mainly, reading manga, watching anime, procrastinating, hanging out with and making new friends, editing picture graphics using paint
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every type of music except hard rock or screamos. J-pop are mostly my favorites
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songs i must AAA
Posted on: April 13, 2008, at 04:58:37pm   [4 comments]
I won't stop till I AAA this songs...I can fc them tho

Dance - Alpha Helix
Arcade - Stormy
One Last Battle
Crystalis - House Leaves (Remix)
Metalman Goes Clubbing
Rock - Jump In
Secret - Burnout
Secret Zombie Room
Purchased - Dr. Wily Theme V2
Hiphop - Dishwater
The Return F SuperDoubie

My FFR Family
Posted on: April 7, 2008, at 08:58:45pm   [5 comments]
Frozen Beat

my little brother. really smart kid. and really good at FFR. I hope to beat him soon, even though its highly unlikely. Need to practice loads to match him. He's pretty cool anyway. can't be mean to him..or we'll all beat you up

my younger sister-in-law and ruby's sister. really cool girl. awesome and reliable. really open about feelings, and likes having fun. Be mean to her..and she'll get you...the frozen will get you..then ruby..and finally i will get you.

my little sis. fun to talk to and likes joking around. hehe water fightsss. mess with her and i will make you feel pain like you never felt before on both a psychological and mental level. be afraid


Greatest person ever. Always wanna be with her no matter what. Will always protect her no matter what the cost. Greatest girlfriend ever even tho she worries about me a lot. Love hanging out with you, we should go on another field trip together. Will try to give you the world and what you want. And always will be there for you whenever you need me just call. If you mess with her, there will be pain and suffering in your future. your brain will hurt..psychologically and physical pain will come also. So , don't mess with her..or you deal with me.

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YunaxXxLove writes...
at 7:14:29pm on 8/25/09
so much. I'm in confusion right now, and I'm starting school in 2 days. It seems like my life is flying past me, and I'm trying to hold onto the walls around me, but I keep slipping. But I'm getting my drivers lisence next week, so I suppose that's what I'm happy for :) *huggles* how are you?? what's new??
YunaxXxLove writes...
at 6:42:01pm on 8/21/09
sorry sorry!!! *hugs tight*
YunaxXxLove writes...
at 7:23:28pm on 7/22/09
ohhhh, I'm so so sorry! I haven't been able to get on for a little bit and I don't know.. *laughs* I hope your doing okay big brother!! *hugs so tight* Love you!!
Frozen Beat writes...
at 8:01:53pm on 7/7/09
meet me on msn
MegaZero64 writes...
at 7:39:59pm on 7/7/09
A Blue Bomber fan, eh? Nice. Thumbs up, dood.
Frozen Beat writes...
at 8:38:22pm on 6/29/09
Fuck you dick my comp crashed. get your ass back on msn.
Frozen Beat writes...
at 8:20:37pm on 6/29/09
get on yahoo, we'll im eachother
Frozen Beat writes...
at 8:19:24pm on 6/29/09
You'll be put into beginners.
I'll be put into masters or at LEAST experts.
we're on opposite ends lol.
You hardly play games, and in your goals, you said you'd get vROFL. What you put in is what you get out. You hardly placed in practice and now you're going to come out with hardly placing in the tourny. I can also totally thrash out marcelo now.
I should let you know that if you get put into intermediate, there will be people who can get single digit goods on masters only songs. You're gonna get wrecked.
rubymoon8899 writes...
at 9:09:28pm on 5/20/09
i think u stole it! :[
rubymoon8899 writes...
at 8:31:51pm on 5/20/09
lol yeah, maybe thats where. wheres my pot of gold?
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