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I'm 17. I live in Florida. I like IDM and the like. I enjoy anime. I have an interesting taste in television, movies, and music. I'm not a homophobe. I make music under the alias of Padlock.
Anime, Music Production, FL Studio, Renoise, Acid 7.0, Jeskola Buzz, DDR, ITG, PIU, Rock, IDM, Breakcore, Drum n Bass, Acid.
Fav Music:
Venetian Snares, The Flashbulb, Dev/Null, XAUX, Toecutter, DJ Scotch Egg, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, I broke my robot, Autechre, BT, Snayk The Pillows, Polysics,
Fav Movies:
The Bourne trilogy, The Ocean's trilogy, Star Wars, The Fall
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ReidenLightman writes at 8:53:51pm on 1/3/15
Used to play here as K.T. JDDD. Graduated college now and hopefully I'm on to big things. Friends and I are busy designing games and going to Karaoke every once in a while. Of course, I still play video games. Haven't played In The Groove or Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade frequently in a while. Anyway, just getting in touch with my friends from the old account. I... kind of... forgot the password. Lame, I know.
GammaBlaster writes at 9:20:33am on 5/18/13
HammyMcSquirrel writes at 2:00:53pm on 4/6/11
This may be of interest to you.
V-Ormix writes at 1:45:47pm on 4/4/11
I is 17 and live in florida too :D hi 5
Shikari writes at 1:34:50pm on 2/25/11
Nice profile banner.
championanwar writes at 6:48:32am on 2/6/11
The legendary Jake the Padlock, I salute you!
championanwar writes at 2:44:04pm on 2/3/11
I remember this, this is amazing stuff man. . Ever thought of releasing stuff? Also what name do you go by, so I can tag mp3s for my iPod?
championanwar writes at 2:12:57pm on 2/3/11
Also you should make non breakcore music too 8)
[If you wanted]
championanwar writes at 1:53:39pm on 1/27/11
I'm 19 and I'm envious of your skill. >:
championanwar writes at 4:48:28pm on 1/25/11
YESSSSSSSS! You are GOD! Also your profile says 15? YOU MAKE MUSIC LIKE THAT AT 15? O:!!!!!!!!!! I made shit when I was 15 haha.