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Um, I like SM, being random, and bowling. I am 17, and yes, I am a furry. I also happen to be bi. Didn't see that coming did you assholes. HAHAHAHAHAHA Just kidding, I <3 some of you
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Posted on: January 27, 2008, at 10:13:08pm   [0 comments]

FFR simfile author title
Posted on: January 12, 2008, at 10:58:38pm   [0 comments]
I want it, why do I not have it yet?


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danny53x writes...
at 11:45:17am on 4/11/11
greetings furfriend
RawMeat786 writes...
at 4:33:05pm on 5/23/09
Mangekyuubi writes...
at 12:04:26pm on 5/1/09
yip yap :3
danny53x writes...
at 3:45:48pm on 12/24/08
i've never known you as rshadow lol
only buizel
wargasm1 writes...
at 6:51:01pm on 8/13/08
rank 667 :P
Godsara1 writes...
at 11:50:22pm on 8/11/08
randomly looking at the gts...rank 666 ftw xD
buizel8888 writes...
at 2:01:43pm on 3/20/08
I will probably never use the rshadow8888 account again. From now on, please leave all comments on this new account, buizel8888. Thank you all.
Professor Raine writes...
at 3:09:24am on 3/20/08
Fuck....CHICKS!!!! ._.;
Professor Raine writes...
at 5:24:28pm on 3/19/08
lol pokemon anime shows
Nightfirecat writes...
at 5:10:29pm on 3/10/08
Lol nah... I just haven't been on the computer as much as of late... >.>
Need to get more active on FFR/RF again...
And get back to stepping mah ITGRF songs.
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