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Guy Cecil
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Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 1:32:58am on 12/17/09
Who's your favorite character from Tales of the Abyss?
Uncreative writes...
at 12:23:53am on 7/8/09
ninja_on_the_wall writes...
at 9:01:36pm on 3/21/09
hey whats up? dont think you remember me... at all... but anywho.
JMAnimeluver writes...
at 7:06:23am on 3/15/09
thank u SO SORRY for the late reply
-sj- writes...
at 2:42:09pm on 1/22/09
hey wats &
-sj- writes...
at 4:08:34pm on 1/21/09
thankz i like yr whole profile dont ask y idk, ijd
-sj- writes...
at 3:52:25pm on 1/21/09
thankz wats ^
Drikon Rjelavan writes...
at 9:46:43am on 10/31/08
yo watching tales of the abyss huh? reallly good serie dont you think? its thumbs up from me
AnimeFreaq writes...
at 11:17:04am on 10/12/08
hehe, tnx urs is kool 2
PiNK Rose writes...
at 11:21:29am on 10/5/08
Thanx! *gives profile vote* :3
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