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I was a high class idiot on this site a few years back.
Music above anything. Vidya, poetry, tattoos, stretched ears, hipster shit.
Fav Music:
I'll just name a few bands: La Dispute, A Lot Like Birds, Dance Gavin Dance, The National, mewithoutYou, Death Cab for Cutie, Bloc Party, Open Hand, Strawberry Girls, The Dear Hunter, Kurt Travis
Fav Movies:
Mostly Comedic, Horror, and Action films.
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manga_freak101 writes at 10:27:48pm on 9/5/17
Right?! It's been forever. I've been good. You? Also someone texted me, wondering if it could've been you?
manga_freak101 writes at 11:37:47pm on 7/15/17
hmm I can't figure out how to msg anymore lol
manga_freak101 writes at 11:35:41pm on 7/15/17
dAnceguy117 writes at 8:10:29pm on 3/23/15
avatar :>
All_That_Chaz writes at 8:52:50am on 11/6/14
Ooh what kind of jobs/music hobbies? I'm going out to Utah to visit a close friend and later Toronto to visit ffya people and probably go to Anime North with them.
All_That_Chaz writes at 5:23:29pm on 10/10/14
meh, I'm alright. I'm teaching high school math in jersey. Going to take some time off to travel next year though because I'm turning 30 and want to run away from the world. How are you?
manga_freak101 writes at 11:51:34pm on 7/21/14
Been into claymore lately?
manga_freak101 writes at 11:51:06pm on 7/21/14
kinda maybe i dont know if I could. I might be desperate enough..e.e
DarknessXoXLight writes at 11:27:49pm on 4/29/14
let's survive~
_Ashuku writes at 3:09:29pm on 4/12/14
Yeah try not to sound to hipster lol cuz then you'd sound like some wannabe xD well good luck with that dude what do you play again? I forgot if you told me xD and for how long also