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Arietta the Wild
FFR Player
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FFR Grandtotal Rank:457,205
FFR Grandtotal:7,987,855
FFR Games Played:83
Location:Washington, USA
Last Activity:03-07-2014
Member for: 13.66 years
Gaming Region:USA - Pacific Northwest
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About me:
Call me Arietta. I'm 14and I live in Washington. But im russian, my mom and dad broke up when im little. My dad, me n tamara went to washington n my mom, bro n my twin stayed at russia.I wanna go 2 Japan at least once at my life. But i have changed a lot cos i had so many bad things... for examle my dad beats me sometimes TT.TT also im not the old arietta, i like mangas games n stuff but not all of em, for example i dont like funny animes, i love tragedic ones...but im the old arietta inside but so deep, wanna reach there?
FMA, X1999, chrno crusade, kh, soulcalibur, rappelz, drakengard, shadow hearts, hack//gu, i donno some other stuff...
Fav Music:
Linkin Park, Evanescece, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Orange Range, Jesse McCartney, Avril Lavigne, metallica.
Fav Movies:
I dunno, horror movies. I like kind of movies which makes u scared and cause of that makes u hug ur boyfriend XD. Also i love tragedy...
Comment wall
ryoko20099 writes...
at 6:23:20pm on 6/17/09
XD someone hacked him dont worried ok i asked a friend of mine ask his friend hack him for me
ryoko20099 writes...
at 3:34:05am on 6/14/09
Hey somebody found mine youtube account its reed some how he cold of tell who i was suupost not tell about mine account on youtube and i notes something he did had a FFR account try get me some info so i can give it to hackpro okay
ryoko20099 writes...
at 7:10:27am on 6/11/09
yeah i do ugh i hate these bitch BF wen i first meet her and her BF and he yelles at me for no resno he swears and cousing at me for no resno i hate it wen the peoples do that im sent a hacker to freaz that bitch PCS for a resno i about head it with him
ryoko20099 writes...
at 3:32:35am on 6/10/09
ha really i see but in answer you use to had a crash on me long time ago XD but you got change your background
ryoko20099 writes...
at 6:37:25am on 6/5/09
and also they have got me now -_- thats why mine PM aren't working now im thinking somebody is doing these to me on mine other account and know i ain't giveing you mine account
ryoko20099 writes...
at 6:30:40am on 6/5/09
okay have been playing tos2 now because it makes me calm now
EB_colud writes...
at 6:23:35pm on 6/4/09
yes i do but mine PMS stop working now but heres mine new account ryoko20099
Xx{Hunter}xX writes...
at 10:20:15am on 6/3/09
No problem. Check out my new thought?
Xx{Hunter}xX writes...
at 10:17:11am on 6/3/09
EB_colud writes...
at 3:29:13am on 2/25/09
i know u r there lol can't fool me
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