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About me:
well of course im a ninja... .... 0.o..... thats all you need to know... ....o.0
i love anime such as naruto, bleach, and pretty much ANIME i also love to play video games like final fantasy and tales of phantasia i also love to play the violin
Fav Music:
i listen to pretty much sound tracks to anime and games... i also enjoy listening to three days grace.. but eh.
Fav Movies:
i dont really like any particular movie ..
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Posted on: July 30, 2008, at 12:43:06pm   [3 comments]

Posted on: November 21, 2007, at 10:06:19pm   [1 comment]
ive been gone from this site for a long time... and now id like to say... IM BACK!!!!

cool tales of amv (cyclone of anxiety)
Posted on: August 18, 2007, at 01:08:19pm   [3 comments]

Posted on: August 18, 2007, at 12:53:04pm   [1 comment]
im sorry about the tales of phantasia videos... they are no longer avalable. so ill try to get more awesome videos
in the future

Comment wall
AceFox3 writes...
at 11:11:40pm on 11/1/18
Yoooooo, you still use this site?
Sephiroth28 writes...
at 10:08:27am on 4/11/11
Well, you can always call her and talk and visits during breaks and stuff. I'm lucky enough to be going to a community college in my own town. :D
Sephiroth28 writes...
at 7:35:51pm on 4/6/11
Ah yes. I know the feeling. I'm just finishing my first year of college and you have a lot more freedom than before. It feel great. XD
Sephiroth28 writes...
at 8:40:05pm on 3/24/11
Im good. Just been living life and now that FFR is back imma play all the time. So how about you.
Sephiroth28 writes...
at 9:11:14pm on 3/22/11
Wow I have just noticed that FFR is back up so I guess im back and im glad to see you still play. :D
AceFox3 writes...
at 2:42:55pm on 2/16/11
Maybe how about you?
Thunderaga writes...
at 12:45:57pm on 11/2/09
wow i cant believe you are still playing awesome!!!!
cowboy222222 writes...
at 9:37:52pm on 8/22/09
My name scares myself
powerfullsbrother writes...
at 12:54:50am on 7/11/09
KH2FAN writes...
at 8:58:24pm on 6/9/09
:O ninja..
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