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About me:
iam ashley i live in n.c i model for hollister.and i used to model for abercrombie and fitch. and iam a nice person i dont judge people.and dont be afraid to say hi.and if u wanna talk shit ill talk it back :). and btw iam not single :)) iand i love to flirt alot so yah!!. and if u think iam fake or w/e dont talk to me cuz i really dont care cuz i know iam real and yall r not gonna get me mad so yah!!
shopping at preppy stores and i love pac sun,tanning in tanning beds, i love to go to starbucks coffee, iam caption of my cheerleading sqaud. hateing my exs hehe
Fav Music:
tayolr swift r song is my fav song . i love the song bossy by kelis .and i love the song far away .and i love glamorous the song and alot of firgies music . and i love pinks music to who knew is like my fav song out of her song. i love the song milkshake hehe its hott
Fav Movies:
leagallie blonde 1 &2 duh!! high school musical..and some horror movies. i love to laugh ppl say i laugh like a four year old tho.oh i love a walk to rember and georga rules and the devil ware prada and barbie movies
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my apoligie to everyone
Posted on: April 17, 2008, at 04:42:38pm   [5 comments]
i know i have been cruel and hurtful to alot of ppl and iam sorry for that and i was hurt when i relized how mean i was to u guys .
i hope yall forgive me.
and iam real i am gessing yall wanna say iam fake to get back at me but yah iam sorry

do it for me
Posted on: March 22, 2008, at 03:04:26pm   [14 comments]

A: hot
B: loves people
C: good kisser
D: makes people laugh
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: people wild and crazy adore you
G: very outgoing
H: easy to fall in love with
I: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet
K: really silly
L: smile to die for
M: makes dating fun
N: can kick the shit out of u
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: a hypocrite
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend
S: cute
T: very good kisser
U: is very sexual
V: not judgmental
W: very broad minded
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: is loved by everyone
Z: can be funny and dumb at times

do it
Posted on: February 29, 2008, at 02:26:28pm   [13 comments]
kiss me:
Hug me:
Date me:
Love me:
Hate me:
Hold me:
Lie to me:
Hurt me:
Cheat on me:
Dance with me:
Grind with me:
Touch me:
Stare at me:
Cuddle with me:
Make a move on me:
Play with me:
Watch a movie with me:
Get me a B-day gift?:
Be there for me:
Bring me around your friends:
Ask me out:
Like me:
Take advantage of me:
Let me take advantage of u:
Hangout with me:
Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good:
Hold hands with me:
Do something incredibly sweet for me:
Have sex with me:
Tell me you love me:
Let me call you:
What would you do if you woke up next to me:

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Tim Allen writes...
at 7:39:22pm on 9/19/13
if you give me your number i can do all those things baby and you can have what ever you like
dxxxbomb writes...
at 9:20:02am on 9/10/11
what ever happened to this girl
lmfao at hotguy 23 dough
spartanumaw writes...
at 11:12:09am on 2/7/11
lololol fAkE
foties101 writes...
at 5:38:33pm on 12/11/09
hey girl how you been... writes...
at 3:45:48am on 10/10/09
haha nice barbie theme XD
melodyz writes...
at 6:53:48pm on 8/3/09
i like ur pic! <3
shelbyn1991 writes...
at 12:25:38pm on 5/19/09
hey how are you?
hotguy23 writes...
at 3:39:01pm on 5/15/09
lol jokeing i used to shop at preppy stores but now i dress gangster
hotguy23 writes...
at 6:17:45pm on 5/11/09
want to be my best friend
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