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I have joined FFR since 2007 out of StepMania interest. I used to be a active simfile artist at BemaniStyle, but now I make them when I am in the mood. Currently on a long hiatus from MMORPGs, but I do have PangYa if you want to find me. (IGN: Makina) Shame to say, but I got myself into role playing, so if you want more information, hit me up! (My verses involve alternative universes with Umineko, PureCure, and Puella Magi.)
Pop'n Music, drawing, DDR, Pump it Up, Minit's, makina, jumpcore, J-core, Trickster Online, anime, etc.
Fav Music:
Most tracks from Nadeco and USAO! Also enjoy works by DJ Sharpnel, Helbinde, Ryu*, and just about a few of the mix hardcore-genre varsities! I also accept some calm and mello songs... Oh and "sts" for his brilliant Umineko no Naku Koro Ni soundtrack!
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Posted on: January 2, 2015, at 11:15:51pm   [0 comments]
Yes. I forgot about FFR. But if I do see anyone who still makes simfiles today, I am not dead on that department! I mostly fixed them with OpenITG and should work on ITG2 cabs.

Yes download links are still directed towards ZiV, but "read-mes" are now going to be in the blog! Also expect a new banner soon...
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FreezinIce writes at 5:16:19pm on 7/21/20
time out
deadwhale writes at 4:53:58am on 11/30/19
bruh that is crazy and whalecome back
Timer Rabbit writes at 1:56:59pm on 7/18/19
Bruh. I finally figured out my password to this website...
Tarlis writes at 10:36:55am on 3/20/18
What u been up to!
deadwhale writes at 5:55:24am on 10/16/17
hello timer rabbit, im just a random person going through past comments from long ago on my profile page and not remembering myself reading any if i did. the nolstagic and mystery behind each person and their profile just wants me to say hi to them all and let them know i’m reading them . I will check your tumblr to sea what it beholds.
FreezinIce writes at 4:53:05pm on 4/18/14
where did you go? :(
WolfXhunter writes at 5:20:02pm on 5/3/13
will you make me graphics?
AmandasShadow writes at 9:01:02pm on 1/4/12
Thank you, sorry for the late reply to your comment. :) Yeah, Bethany is a cutie hehe. :3
Kasu_404 writes at 7:52:51pm on 8/26/11
Nice profile ^^
reddarkd writes at 9:54:59am on 8/25/11
great profile have a great day!