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I'm Kaze. I like my jacket. I love FFR. I'm a retired FFR vet.
Puzzles, Rhythm Gaming. Enjoying my FFR retirement life.
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Unce, unce, unce, unce. It's the music I like to listen in the FFR retirement home.
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I don't even... ._.
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justdoit9233 writes at 5:27:06am on 9/16/13
Dang, it's been a long time since I've had a great run like this. The worst part is that I got the Goods from the easy parts. XD
justdoit9233 writes at 3:18:32am on 5/15/13
When the old difficulty was still going, that song was my very first VC AAA, too! O_O
justdoit9233 writes at 3:17:19am on 5/15/13
Oh, wow, you've been playing?! O_O
axith writes at 9:51:45pm on 4/29/13
Nice twisty puzzle collection there.
0 writes at 12:51:07pm on 4/2/13
DCRemix writes at 8:33:57pm on 3/27/13
lol omg thanks so much :O
DCRemix writes at 8:27:47pm on 3/27/13
lol I've notice xD and its ok :P
DCRemix writes at 8:25:18pm on 3/27/13
Sidek writes at 9:07:47pm on 10/16/12
Rubik's cube.
0 writes at 10:21:08am on 10/15/12