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the name is Ryudo. im a fox and if you dont like that, then deal.
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Fantastic Mr. Fox
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i will pwn u writes at 10:10:17am on 3/3/16
sup khed how ya been?
emo1555 writes at 8:45:09pm on 2/22/16
i feel you on that, but anyways sorry
emo1555 writes at 1:59:40pm on 2/16/16
hey been awhile hows your life been
sikavonangel writes at 6:13:09pm on 2/25/15
Kitty loves you <3
sikavonangel writes at 9:52:22pm on 2/24/15
remember? <3
sikavonangel writes at 9:50:56pm on 2/24/15
sikavonangel writes at 10:11:23am on 2/23/15
reuben_tate writes at 10:26:21pm on 12/30/14
I figured this type of personal stuff is better kept to PM's. Check your FFR PM's.
reuben_tate writes at 3:25:14am on 12/26/14
Merry Christmas and lol at first comment on your comment wall all year x.x
Iapyx writes at 12:01:09am on 12/12/13
Also kid Starfox will bite you on the bum. Just cuz. :3