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GG_Guru writes...
at 4:34:19pm on 8/17/09
hey dude whats up? im bored wanna smo?
Azafreak writes...
at 3:56:14pm on 8/17/09
idk if im too late...but i want!!
Azafreak writes...
at 12:25:58pm on 8/6/09
lol did you add me on msn?
OneHandNow writes...
at 4:50:57am on 8/6/09
we do indeed!
i hope i win d3 too :)
Azafreak writes...
at 11:24:04am on 8/4/09
Trying to cheat us the price? LOL And also its true. We lost all together! i hope you'll not lost ahah
Azafreak writes...
at 8:28:15pm on 8/3/09
sorry by the way. It wasnt my purpose when i complain about the tourney ahahah. Krunky just wants to win that fucking tournament. WE are the winner of Master, not the looser of guru damn It should have a D4.5 lolol sorry again dude
Azafreak writes...
at 12:35:24pm on 8/3/09
You're under the deadline? The last time i've see you're were at least in the middle zone...Did you try it on Mirroir? Srsly, the song has really gay pattern. The only mind block i got is...Right after the jack at the beggin..There's a stream and boom some jump with wierd pattern...It fuck me up for everything after lol. ( like...AAAd 1000 notes and 5 average on THAT part lool) srsly, you should try on mirroir.
Azafreak writes...
at 12:26:02pm on 8/3/09
HOYL SHIT!! sorry for the double!! it was laggy then i press POST like 5 times in row LOL sorry soryr sorry sorry :S :S :S OHHH goes the official tournament? You still here?
Azafreak writes...
at 12:24:15pm on 8/3/09
God damn this fkn shit i should be worse T_T damn it. Its gay. I can finish like...3rd in a tournament, but BOOM! Im getting in not that good. Just look at Zero..TC_Halogen...I CANT FUCKING BEAT THEM! brb i'll see what i can do...Maybe you'll be Guru you too. Work on your lvl rank srsly. LOL I've an idea. i'll made an alt account and playing one hand all the time 'til another tourney. So, they'll chek my avg rank and said noob. So i'll be like D3, d2 ahahahahaha ok nevermind it .. LOL Brb watching the stupid tournament.
ll sephirothll writes...
at 9:25:52pm on 7/26/09
i wishhh i could but im not gonna be able to get 3 goods to stay in the tourny lol i have 6 right now haha
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