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XCV writes...
at 12:57:18pm on 12/28/13
You're indeed DissonantMuse? Wow, such small, many world.
postscript: Hey, look at socially self-awkward as all fuck on the Internet of all things me from three years ago!
HalfStep writes...
at 9:39:55pm on 12/27/13
wtf you're dissonantmuse my MIND IS FUCKING BLOWN
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 9:37:08pm on 12/27/13
oops, i meant to upvote... sry! :/
HalfStep writes...
at 9:24:46pm on 12/27/13
Holy shit you're back I miss your LPs
XCV writes...
at 6:00:36pm on 11/21/10
...Modesty out the wazoo, eh?
You're like the third best LPer ever (behind NCS and Rao) and you don't talk about it.
That takes real self-confidence, wait, what am I talking about.
cape695 writes...
at 6:22:50pm on 10/28/10
hey dude nice profile and cool that you play spread spread is awsome
Exias writes...
at 2:13:23pm on 10/27/10
It's xxskeithdragonxx, if ya remember, made this new account~ owo
cornet lover writes...
at 8:27:09pm on 10/22/10
ohhhh so this is ur other profile it looks awesomeXD red yoshi is awesome cause i like red lolXD
YOSHl writes...
at 7:00:45pm on 10/22/10
Heh. I've attempted spread, but no matter how hard I try, i just can't actually read notes. It's the strangest thing ever. I can read notes fine playing 1 handed, but lose my head playing spread.
YOSHl writes...
at 2:22:20pm on 10/22/10
heh. i guess you could say the same about me.
although I still play one handed.
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