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No one knows why I give everyone a thumbs down, even if they think they do. As a result, people make an assumption, turn it into a fact, then try to make me feel stupid for doing it for the reason they made up. So for those people, I'll try to clear some assumptions you may have: this is not going to explain why I gave you a thumbs down; I don't hate you; I'm not trying to attract hatred, even though I expect it; I didn't judge you by your profile, I gave you a thumbs down before I even saw what your profile looked like; if you think I do this because I'm bored, that's stupid; I don't love Pokemon, my avatar is about as serious as my screen name; I don't mind if you flame me, I encourage it; I never block people; if you comment just to say you don't care what I think, it makes it seem like you care, so comment wisely; if I gave you a thumbs up by accident, whatever, as long as you know it was meant to be a thumbs down, that's all that matters, plus people have lied before, it's not that difficult; I'm good at writing, but I hate it; if you mention, "Haha, u gots just one frend looser!" I already know you couldn't think of something clever so you tried to make fun of me because I never added any of the 134 friend requests I've gotten. If you mention, "u hav no life, lol" you severely underestimate how much free time I have. I have enough time to thumbs down hundreds of people in a day (although that rarely happens), and still go to my friends' houses or make movies or whatever you consider having "a life" means. Unless you think texting your friends every two minutes means you have a life, then, to you, I don't, and you don't have the authority to judge the worth of someone's life anyway. If you actually pay attention, you'll notice there are a few people I get along with, you just won't be one of them, because you take a thumbs down straight up the butt. Everyone I know here has a thumbs down, so stop taking it personally.
It's a shame that by the time most of the angry people read this, they'll have already become part of the group of people I'm insulting right now. But these retards are what really make my profile interesting, so thank all you stupid people. I know who the smart ones are so this doesn't apply to everyone. Some people think blocking me is the ultimate comeback. You people need to learn how to face your problems. My comments are funny if you don't take them seriously, if anyone (even you) has (have) a problem, I can be very helpful, and I never spam, so what are you really running away from? I'm the nicest jerk you'll ever meet. As long as you don't comment on my profile, I won't talk to you, no blocking necessary, simple concept people. Don't spam my profile with desperate pleads for me to leave you alone and expect me not to respond. Also, if you make me angry in any way, it's because you're a dumb piece of crap.
Fav Music:
I don't add people, but it would actually help if you sent a friend request (just an experiment). Just comment on my profile, and I'll feel the need to comment back, even if I don't like you. If my comments seem too serious, read them again with a different tone, because it takes a huge effort to make me serious about something.
Fav Movies:
The movies my friends and I put on YouTube, they're to your right on my Random Thoughts wall.
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championanwar writes...
at 3:23:59am on 1/12/11
Dude, never knew you still came here! Hellloooooooo o:
SarahStone writes...
at 7:16:04pm on 11/17/10
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 5:08:38pm on 11/14/09
Dude, tell ananana something's wrong.
Adamaja456 writes...
at 9:24:52am on 10/19/09
how have you been lately :)
Adamaja456 writes...
at 10:01:41am on 9/9/09
im glad that you are my friend and i enjoy talking to you. thank you for putting effort into stepping my song. i dont mind how long it takes, the fact that you started it makes me happy. your a good friend of mine and im happy we're friends
the bomb tnt writes...
at 3:23:43pm on 8/23/09
OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! wow thats amazing you said you would never add anyone except that one girl... you caved in XD lolz
Adamaja456 writes...
at 8:57:18pm on 6/30/09
danny53x writes...
at 2:45:22pm on 6/25/09
Dingie berry. D'aww, reminds me of some crazy berry name from pokemon.
AC1speakerbox writes...
at 8:54:41pm on 6/4/09
digLeberry referred me to you to help me recruit for my rock band tournament =)
Adamaja456 writes...
at 1:43:40pm on 5/31/09
hey dude, you still working on Zombies?
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