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I'm scottish. But I'm not actually scottish. I'm polish, german, and french Canadian.
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Almost everything. Really, I like almost everything.
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Posted on: January 12, 2009, at 05:03:09am   [4 comments]
Something different? Nah. No way. Oh.. wonder who did this. No fucking clue.

Seriously though, thanks.

P.S.. I'll be more active more often, drop by, maybe I wont be an ass and ignore comments. <3
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Flaming_Dingleberry writes at 3:17:56pm on 2/22/21
Hey man, you still want that shirt right?
Sprite- writes at 8:19:59am on 8/6/16
psychoangel691 writes at 12:24:55pm on 11/4/13
Doin alright. Dunno if you pay attention to Facebook but we're in MD now and have a 2nd lil girl.
TheThong writes at 5:03:35am on 11/3/13
Hey. I don't think we've talked in ... forever. If ever. xD
Flaming_Dingleberry writes at 2:07:25am on 11/2/13
Lmao, I didn't expect to hear from you for at least a month. You won my contest, I owe you a shirt :/
psychoangel691 writes at 1:54:13am on 11/2/13
Holy crap you're playin lol. How are you?
Flaming_Dingleberry writes at 8:08:09pm on 10/31/13
Hit me up sometime, I got a shirt to make for you LOL
[HectoGtzMX] writes at 2:17:59pm on 8/26/12
flashflash master writes at 10:37:55pm on 4/12/12
You know, I watched a video of you playing 20031023 a long, long time ago. It really inspired me to want to reach that level of playing.
Tayfun writes at 11:27:02pm on 3/21/12
Happy birthday.