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About me:
Only been playing 4k since around february 2021 but looking to improve :)
all things music, im a percussionist (vibraphone/marimba)
Fav Music:
progressive metal (tool, porcupine tree, opeth)
Fav Movies:
a silent voice, waynes world
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- Unlocked Tier 0!
- FFR 15th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
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D6 OT15 log
Posted on: July 1, 2022, at 04:39:21pm   [1 comment]
i dont really have any goals for it because of rust and pc issues

Pretty fun, but a little janky and I'm not the best at jacks.
ROUND 2: Janus
I despise this chart
ROUND 3: Micro Media Broth
On vacation and can only play on a laptop with insane inconsistent input delay, gonna be eliminated.
yep, i was eliminated. still gonna ghost along, and i can play in revenge of the lost.

ROUND 4: D6 - Sapling
Pretty fun chart, really tedious the grind though. This was a sightread and i cant really seem to get much better. Really happy with this score and its in my top 15 too.

D5 - Evanescent
Fun chart, got this on a sightread and it's more than good enough.

2022 goals i guess
Posted on: February 17, 2022, at 12:18:24am   [0 comments]
It's kind of late but I think I should set some goals for 2022, just to keep myself more motivated.

[x]Play in the official tournament (didnt place well)


[x]Unlock St. Scarhand

[]Ant IDM AAA (so close 1/0/0/0 ugh)

[]pass Lights (L)

[]sdg a 90+ (sapling 14g so close man)

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ive rusted too much
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sign up for OT-15 bub
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at 5:04:56pm on 2/12/22
solid choice for a pfp that anime is pretty alright
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at 7:18:53pm on 10/28/21
Is your profile picture from an anime?
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lights is bad
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First person to post on your wall.