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Posted on: December 6, 2023, at 10:28:04pm   [15 comments]
So I really don't like getting banned for bad reasons, and the last one was particularly bad. Let me explain it carefully.

Here is the context. Scrambled Eggs thread: Posts 33 - 37.

ositzxz369: is choof a spambot?
Choof: yep, as it turns out I am not actually a valid human being, sorry y'all
Me: It would be a notable improvement to be honest.

My post here, isn't provoking. There is no twisting the context,
neglecting the nuance, and I'd even wager viewing it in the worst light possible, does not arrive a reasonable person, to the conclusion that I was provoking him.

The only type of person who bans me for this joke, is a person, or group somehow, who has the reading level, and emotional maturity, of a five year old. That's not a provocative statement either, that's just my opinion, based on context, and the nuance. Let alone the pompous, arrogant lecture that blows anything I've ever said, or thought, out the water by a significant margin. I don't need to change. You're a set of arrogant, snob, prudes who are in dire need of a reality check, beyond what I have ever needed. I might have an overinflated ego, or even some personality disorder, wouldn't shock me, nor anyone, but at least I'm not THAT bad, or worse. I concede someone is better than me at something I thought I was the best at: being a pompous arrogant fuck.

"Provoking another user. This is nothing new for you, but it does show that you have literally not changed. We really want to see a change."

Actually fuck off. I'll be back eventually to drop a pack, and then I won't be back after.
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