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Posted on: July 27, 2021, at 07:27:29pm   [2 comments]

It's a birthday present, and used with his permission.

I fucking love the amount of references he managed to add in in a short period of time of even knowing me rofl
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Lights writes at 11:50:07pm on 7/23/21
ur profile pic is a black box. thats spoopy
Gravity Kitten writes at 5:25:42pm on 7/1/21
hell yea
Wiosna writes at 1:04:14pm on 6/22/21
thanks! nice profile by the way
Wiosna writes at 12:54:16pm on 6/22/21
oh yeah it's fully coincidental
Lights writes at 9:59:57pm on 6/18/21
I can handle my own public image, you handle yours. I'm just extending an offer. You can take it or leave it as you so desire.
Lights writes at 9:41:53pm on 6/18/21
suit yourself.
Lights writes at 11:22:49am on 6/18/21
Well unhide it bub, yous gonna be my friend
Lights writes at 10:01:41pm on 6/17/21
sir, i cannot seem to find the "add friend" button on your profile, plz send help.
Lights writes at 9:36:31pm on 6/17/21
hellz yeah bub. hey, lets be friends, let me know if you'd ever like to play some multiplayer.
Lights writes at 9:15:44pm on 6/17/21