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Posted on: April 19, 2021, at 08:41:07pm   [4 comments]
With the release of Blue Girl on Sunday, my FFR charting career is over, and probably me playing it at most any time unless I am really bored and just want to mess around.

I've got a simfile pack I've been working hard on coming out hopefully soon.
Posted on: March 8, 2021, at 09:22:33pm   [7 comments]
This is a random thought because threads don't go well, and to be honest, it's more me ranting about something incredibly stupid, and petty than anything.
There's a lot of pretext, but to summarize, I am not on the moderation team / admin team's good side, and it's totally fair they feel that way. My issue is with how they enforce the site's rules, and skate around them. I could totally help myself by not being a dick. All of this shit is stupid, and should in theory be a non-issue. I care significantly about being able to just, be me. Getting banned for like, airing my grievances out in a public thread? I get it, but don't agree with it. Fine. But what I got banned for this time, was actually silly.
Let's cut the crap though.

I got banned for this post, and I am posing it inverted, because the main issue with it, isn't very legible otherwise. It's also in a quote, because they deleted the post. (Standard procedure.) This is the post:

I want to very clearly explain the entire post, and why it was made.

The discussion is in a thread about a user trying to pick between learning up and downscroll. I make a valid response, and then later peek back in, and see thesunfan make a joking response of "upscroll is a blight on rhythm gaming" I then respond with "You take this back right fucking now" and he responds "make me". I then make the above screenshotted post.
The post is a joke. There's a lot of subtle humor in it, that's really funny to me. Me saying "for the dipshits in the back" does not target anyone specifically. But the reason it's there, is because of repeated run ins with Cammy in the forum, and me telling them to "use the report button if my post bothers you." That is the type of person this note was aimed at, the kind of person who would take offence for the person the post is aimed at. (thesunfan.) It is NOT a shot at the moderation team, or the admin team, and that's pretty clear, if you attempt to give this post any form of leniency, which if you're acting in good faith as a mod / admin, you'd do that.
They didn't. They got angry, and banned me, after talking with thesunfan himself. Who, as Prawn says in a screenshot later, said "he did not care". Which makes this entire ban an actual case of (admittedly) earned bias. But it's biased, and silly they did it regardless.

I told Prawn, that I would be dropping these on an "if asked" basis, but I've had a change of mind on that. Nothing in these DM's is a leak of any personal info, that is not already public. (Such as my own Discord information, or his as it's on his profile which is how I got it.)
Screenshot of our entire DM history:
Note: I may has misquoted Devonin, and if that is the case, the point of the quote is still roughly about the same, but I will add that correction here later if needed.

There's a few issues with the discussion.

0. "White text does not nullify infractions" Assumes the post is a direct target to anyone. You are not me, you did not ask me, there is ZERO context WITHIN the post for you to arrive at the conclusion it's aimed at you / the moderation team.
0.5 You could actually modify the post to say "for the folks in the back" and the intention / impact is the same. If I had done that, we'd probably not be here. But you're a bit sensitive I figure.
1. thesunfan himself was asked if the post bothered him. I was not afforded the same courtesy to explain the post. Thanks for that.
2. Prawn states how many of the mod team had a discussion about this, and frankly I feel their conclusion is unjustified, as even with the loopholes on the Mod team's end in the rule thread, that conclusion is not a punishment that can be given, as there's no statement about it, nor public precedent for it.
3. He describes it as "going after someone who wouldn't care." Dude, I did not "go after" him and how fucking DARE you say that. It's actually a joke, and it's one I knew he would understand. (The nonwhite-text part of the post.) YOU have done what I was accused of by devonin, which was to view a post in the worst light possible. Except you actually did it, and I didn't. The contexts are different.
4. You as a team collective, do not enforce the rules properly, nor fairly, and haven't for a long time. See the bottom part of the rules thread where it explains the report button? THAT is why Cammy has deserved a ban as much as I did both times. But you won't do it. You literally banned me for a nonspecific joke, as if it was a personal attack. That is disingenuous at best, makes you a reprobate at worst.

I've done myself no favors in this community at all. I'm not like, so arrogant to be unaware of that. But... you are making issues, out of non-issues. You cannot follow the procedures as they're written. You have acted on rules / procedures unwritten. You HAVE to understand why my reactions in this specific case are what they are.

I got banned for no actual reason. What's worse is:

1. There actually was a post that was about you. It's still there actually.
2. There's an actual out you could have taken, which is the ONE point (non-permanent) infraction for being "aggressive" toward another user, but I suspect you know that's such a loose can of worms it hurts.

Anyways, I just wanted this out there. I'm a fucking ass hole, I'm unreasonable, a troll, a completely toxic character here. I'm not going to like, skirt around and act like that isn't the case. I also know full well, that you, or someone else, is probably going to delete this, and none of this isn't what I said to you in private, so I did actually try to keep it private first.

I shouldn't have been banned for that post. I don't deserve the ultimatum you gave me, because it breaks the guidelines the site outlines. I shouldn't have been banned for the first interaction with Cammy as a four point infraction. It was a one. I shouldn't have gotten the second ban alone either, clearly Cammy cannot follow the rules thread correctly either. At the very least, their posts should have been removed.

Enforce your rules fairly, and equally.

I still want Funnygurl to get her apology from a bit ago. I want the TWG moderation team to acknowledge my critique, at the very least in private, or to at least those affected. I don't want an apology, I don't deserve it. But equally, don't ask me to obey the rules, when you don't even enforce them fairly from the get-go, and break process and procedure, which the Mod team has done in the past. Ask OWA about the SOTW two year ban threat I got given a few years ago. I think he'd recall it. I certainly remember it. I also remember the unjustified shadowban.

TLDR: I got banned for no actual reason, other than personal bias(es) of the staff/Prawn. I don't want an apology, just acknowledgement I am right on my points, and to be given the same treatment as any other user. You don't get to circumvent the rules and improvise them.
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