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My personality is obviously to be as confrontational as possible, for my own personal amusement. Your feelings be damned.
Myself, me, and I.
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Bloom Into You, A Silent Voice, Madoka Magica.
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Posted on: November 14, 2022, at 02:04:52pm   [0 comments]
Would be cool to start kind of compiling it, because I try to catch when folks play my work and at least leave a comment.
Posted on: July 22, 2022, at 11:55:57am   [0 comments]

- A Flower Viewing:
Files from: Kaho, Shadowgod, T-Force, James May, DMRIw, Dourgent (Samctuary).

- Pack 2 WIP List:

Δ5^2[n-1]14+sqrt(-1)÷ - CS4W [22]
Arcana Eden [22 / 26]
Astronaut In The Ocean - Our Last Night [17]
Constellation of Tears - Cain's Offering [22 / 22 / 22]
Flowers [12] /Single is already released
If There Was An Endpoint - Tuyu [17]
Nasty Majesty (Dump) [16]
Plastic Mind W/shadowgod [22]
Ringed Genesis - Edelritter [18]
Secret Unknown Flower [11.5]

Flower Of Sorrow [WIP]
Twitter Land [eh]
Doping Dance [WIP ~15]

- FFR:


Racing Back to Earth W/ Marionintendo & Goldstinger) [WIP]
Septette for the Dead Princess [WIP]
Our Final Mourning [Needs better judges]

In Batch

Plastic Mind W/Shadowgod
How Things Went Wrong [May the converter have mercy.]

NOTE: At no point ever, should any of my content be converted for osu.
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kommisar writes at 6:54:07pm on 12/11/22
I enabled downloads for it on SC:
kommisar writes at 1:24:13pm on 12/7/22
I haven't made it available yet since I was half planning a new ep release. But if you want a file for it I can just send it to you
Charu writes at 1:40:26pm on 11/10/22
I'm doing much better, yeah!
FreezinIce writes at 12:10:56pm on 11/1/22