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Strolling through memory lane
Posted on: October 22, 2018, at 09:25:30am   [11 comments]
Most of the threads from 2006-early 2007 (MORE THAN A DECADE AGO WTF) are still there, in brag board/FFR General, and on a whim I've been perusing them the past couple days.

The verdict: life was good.

If I ever pretended for a moment that during that gap year of mine this site and game didn't occupy virtually all of my waking interest; well, it did. I don't even remember what else I did that year. It was just the FFR year, and it was awesome. I don't regret one second of the time I spent here. I think most people go their whole lives without ever having the kind of respect and admiration I had back then. I would never have admitted it at the time, but for a shy kid like me that feeling was pure euphoria.

Not to say that life isn't good now. It's still good, just very different. I was 18 back then. I'll be 30 in two weeks. I "have a life", as that term is usually used--a job, a wife, kids. But you know what? I "had a life" back then, too. As the 'about me' indicates, I was genuinely happy--and you can't beat that.

Thanks for the great times, FFR. I'll never forget you.

-Kylee Hench, a.k.a. Shashakiro

If it looks like I'm "back"
Posted on: August 12, 2009, at 04:43:35pm   [10 comments]
I just want to reach 9999 posts and then call it quits, really. =P

Thoughts on my files
Posted on: August 9, 2009, at 01:58:33pm   [3 comments]
Hi19 did something like this ages ago, and I'm bored, so I'm going to too.

EHHS - A large part of this file was constructed by literally adding arrows to Rebirth's already existing SM file. I originally made the file for my own amusement (used to be a big fan of jumpstream) and found it fun, submitted it for laughs, and somehow it got accepted, since there wasn't really a judging process at the time. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) hated it at first because it was an unreadable mess with red-note syndrome and no speed mods...hatred toward the file softened a bit when I fixed the red notes. 24ths are obviously a mistake, but otherwise this is surprisingly still sort of fun for me.

Hungarian Dance #5: Stepped before BPM changes were allowed. Pretty awful file all-around =( oh well.

Strangeprogram: I always liked to think of this as an "improved" version of DTM's SM file. Today I'd never step something like this, but if I did it probably wouldn't turn out all that different.

KlungKung 2004: I don't like those staircases I end most of the sections with...I used to be really proud of this, but now it seems pretty generic.

GGC: Stepped without BPM changes, which took like two months. Some of the patterns are really annoying and I personally don't find the file much fun, but I guess some other people like it, so whatever.

Kick Your A: A couple blatant errors here (two ending rolls, first 8th jumpjack), but not that bad really. The stream is oddly satisfying to play, and I still don't know why.

Classical Insanity: I still don't understand why some people hate this file. A couple minor errors but overall I think this is one of my better ones, especially pre-2008.

Rottel-da-station: Easily my best file pre-2008 IMO. I got lucky. Nowadays I'd probably make an inferior file to this song if I stepped it >_>

Vertex Beta vrofl: Captured the NVLM touch quite nicely, I think. I really did enjoy watching this on Autoplay in SM, hahaha.

Vertex Beta: FFR lacked a 200 BPM stream file, so I made one. Many people either didn't understand this reasoning or didn't agree with it, so reception to it was pretty negative. As I predicted, though, it became a very, very commonly played file. Newer players like lolstream. No regrets =)

Holy Orders: Best file I've ever made, probably the best file I'll ever make. JX didn't want credit, but he really does deserve a lot for the numerous technical fixes he made, and this file is really more or less a collab in spirit. Still very proud of this. A worsened SM version was in the FFRCP2, worsened by holds, which in hindsight were pretty badly used, oh well.

Momentary Life: I really, really wish I'd changed those left-mini-trills to something else, because they really ruin this file for me. Otherwise, though, it's fun, and still better than my '06-'07 files IMO.

Brandish Headless: I'm especially proud of this file, mostly because I managed to make it distinct from Zagh's excellent file, which I'd played zillions of times, yet still fun and accurate.

Night of Fire: First SM file I released. Overstepped and awful, although I still get a kind of nostalgic joy from playing it nowadays.

Rhythm and Police: Pretty decent for my second file ever, really. (EHHS was third). Still my file with the most downloads, somehow >_>

Death Piano: My only SM file that really made it into the "mainstream" SM world, which I suppose automatically makes me proud of it. Like GGC, it's not that fun for me, though. I still haven't ever passed it, by the way...I'm terrible at that stupid pattern right before the end trill. XD

Sakura (pad): I really wish I could play this on a *real* pad, cause I think it would be fun. I still wish Konami had released something like this instead of the wimpy Oni chart they included, but oh well.

Six: Heavy has some dumb mistakes, Oni is not actually a 22 (20 is the right rating). Other ATR songs are much better, as I discovered later. Not terrible, I guess.

Brandish Headless (pad): The 9 proved to be *really* fun, somehow. Silly charts, though.

One More Lovely (pad): Boring as shit, bad pad file.

Two Weeks: I wish this was more popular, because I think that the Heavy (formerly Standard) chart is my second-best file (second to Holy Orders), but I think everyone ignores it because there are two harder difficulties and they want to feel mAnLy, and those aren't that great. Oh well.

Terminal Strike: Pad chart, though I never got to play it on a real pad. My first time using mines, since I made it before Two Weeks. Pretty happy with it, makes a fun index chart.

That's about it...I plan to step Chiron, another ATR song, once I get headphones again. I don't ever plan to step another non-rock song, by the way.

My best AAAA ever
Posted on: May 16, 2009, at 12:42:12pm   [2 comments]
20353 CSCI 0160 S01 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
20355 CSCI 0220 S01 Introduction to Discrete Structures and Probability
26044 EDUC 1970 S12 Independent Study Main
25664 PHIL 0540 S01 Logic Main


Also, they've got a Supernova machine now. Xepher Oni is my new favorite pad chart of all time, 20 greats is my best so far =)

I FC'd Max 300 today
Posted on: March 30, 2009, at 08:17:57pm   [4 comments]
I can now die happy.

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at 8:16:18am on 8/11/20
Hey ShaSha, i just want you to know that you are my favorite step artist and have forever a special place in my heart n_n
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u back!
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at 3:52:51pm on 12/25/13
wow strangeprogram is making me rage so much right now. i simply can't AAA it! those one handed trills are killing me DX
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 12:18:23am on 7/15/13
You're my favorite FFR Player (even though you're not active anymore). ^.^ I know that you've said Klung Klung 2004 was one of your best stepped songs at first, but then you thought it was generic, but I still think it's really fun and it's one of my favorite stepfiles. :)
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shashhh come backk! hi19hi19 still here -_-
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