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My name is Doug. I am a person that doesn't spend way too much time playing FFR anymore, although I used to. Now I pretty much just keep screwing around by playing videogames and other similar things. I would really like someone to do some much better things with though.:)
I like girls, hugging girls, videogames, especially FFR, math, anime, especially Full Metal Panic and .hack, and music. If you're a girl, and you see me, please give me a hug. I guarantee you I won't mind.
Fav Music:
I like a lot of songs that are in Spanish, are by Dragonforce, or that were made into simfiles by NVLM. Some songs in FFR like EternuS and The Brain of the Moon are cool, too.
Fav Movies:
Star Wars 1-6, Jingle All the Way, Good Burger, All the American Pie movies, and a few other movies.
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Posted on: November 11, 2016, at 10:25:43pm   [0 comments]
Ugh well it seems by some big upset, or some badly not accounted for Trump voters that didn't say they'd vote for Trump in the polls, that he won and all the numbers were off. And dang Reuters had the best prediction, mine only second best.:( But it was a good try.
Posted on: November 4, 2016, at 11:35:25pm   [0 comments]
The election is only 4 days away and I have done a ton of math to try to figure out who is going to win. These percentages should be the most accurate, in terms of what's going to happen on election day, that you can find anywhere.

Alabama: Trump +20.3%
Alaska: Trump +5.3%
Arizona: Trump +4.4%
Arkansas: Trump +16.1%
California: Clinton +24.8%
Colorado: Clinton +4.5%
Connecticut: Clinton +9%
Delaware: Clinton +10.5%
D.C.: Clinton +A lot
Florida: Clinton +0.2%
Georgia: Trump +5.3%
Hawai'i: Clinton +21.5%
Idaho: Trump +22.6%
Illinois: Clinton +12.4%
Indiana: Trump +13.3%
Iowa: Trump +1.8%
Kansas: Trump +14.4%
Kentucky: Trump +22%
Louisiana: Trump +17.8%
Maine: Clinton +6.9%
Maryland: Clinton +23.3%
Massachusetts: Clinton +20.5%
Michigan: Clinton +2%
Minnesota: Clinton +5.4%
Mississippi: Trump +19.1%
Missouri: Trump +10.5%
Montana: Trump +18%
Nebraska: Trump +20.2%
Nevada: Clinton +2.2%
New Hampshire: Clinton +3.2%
New Jersey: Clinton +13.7%
New Mexico: Clinton +4.8%
New York: Clinton +19.6%
North Carolina: Trump +0.4%
North Dakota: Trump +24%
Ohio: Trump +1.1%
Oklahoma: Trump +29.5%
Oregon: Clinton +8.5%
Pennsylvania: Clinton +3.6%
Rhode Island: Clinton +11%
South Carolina: Trump +6%
South Dakota: Trump +21.2%
Tennessee: Trump +14%
Texas: Trump +9.9%
Utah: Too lazy to make up a model for it, but probably Trump wins I guess
Vermont: Clinton +27.3%
Virginia: Clinton +5.3%
Washington: Clinton +10.5%
West Virginia: Trump +26.1%
Wisconsin: Clinton +5.7%
Wyoming: Trump +39%

If these are correct, the tipping point is actually Michigan, and the winner of it will win the election. Hillary's 2% lead should be enough for her to win but it's not necessarily completely out of reach. But I'd still put her at about 95% chance to win the election since these numbers are supposed to be with a very low margin of error.

This is in part for fun to see if I can be the one to most accurately predict the election.
Posted on: September 5, 2015, at 03:06:44am   [0 comments]
Summer -
Bad Romance Official Choreo -
Just Dance -
Me dancing with Jimmi -
Diamonds -
Happy -
Black Widow -
It's My Birthday -
Posted on: August 5, 2015, at 12:58:36am   [0 comments]
These are all from memory so they might be slightly off but I think they're all within 200 of being correct at least.

I kinda want to get to the Just Dance world cup but it's going to be so hard considering I just got the game on July 23rd. But I'm making good progress so far:

11150 Addicted To You by Avicii
11150 Birthday by Katy Perry
11607 Diamonds by Rihanna
11600 Happy by Pharrell Williams
10550 Bad Romance - Official Choreo Richie Jackson’s version by Lady Gaga
11500 Black Widow by Iggy Azalea Ft. Rita Ora
10919 Built For This by Becky G
11200 Burn by Ellie Goulding
11100 Dark Horse by Katy Perry
11500 Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler
11300 I Love It by Icona Pop Ft. Charli XCX
12211 It's My Birthday - Bollywood Dance by Ft. Cody Wise
10654 Love Me Again by John Newman
12020 Maps by Maroon 5
11070 Never Can Say Goodbye by Gloria Gaynor
9969 Problem by Ariana Grande Ft. Iggy Azalea and Big Sean
11767 Summer by Calvin Harris
9650 Walk This Way - Old School by Run-DMC & Aerosmith
11050 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive

Edit: I'm also ranked 77th in the US as of the last audition that I took part in. Still got 3 more chances in which I'll most likely do better though.

Edit2: Got my real scores in there instead of estimates. Can't believe they're as high as they are when I haven't even had the game for 2 weeks yet.

Edit3: Ranked 56th globally on Wii U now. Scores are also a lot higher.
Posted on: August 2, 2015, at 02:38:36am   [0 comments]
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MixMasterLar writes at 5:42:07am on 1/8/17
Miss ya, bro
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 7:18:17pm on 1/10/14
Would you like to join in this Spin It Up thread?:
Fantasticone writes at 1:12:31am on 11/17/13
Got to get top 16, keep trying to improve.
Fantasticone writes at 2:56:13am on 10/29/13
Same situation here (D7 and all), but do try! I really do believe you can make a big FFR comeback just like danceguy did.
Fantasticone writes at 3:27:12pm on 10/28/13
Doug don't lose in Round 1, submit!
kittie_angel writes at 8:35:44am on 10/24/13
Thank you! I'm sorry for answering after so long...
Nice to meet you! =D
ballet dude writes at 10:31:14pm on 10/16/13
Nice Profile dude. You are a true veteran 9.35 years. Brain of the Moon. good song. I've watched FullMetal Alchemist. Speaking of .hack I picked up .hack Legend of the Twilight @ a thrift shop the other day. :) Have you watched Desert Punk?
DragonIIDX writes at 1:18:50am on 10/16/13
Understandable. I post there alot mainly since my new PC's keyboard doesn't register notes very well, othwise I would play FFR again more often. Not that I'm any good at this game heh, but if I get a new keyboard, I know I could improve my stats more.
DragonIIDX writes at 7:06:52pm on 10/15/13
Thanks for the vote. I used to see you in the mods sleep thread all the time heh.
CAFK writes at 7:39:43pm on 10/1/13