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Not dragon, but dinosaur
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I'm a veteran now so I no longer play, but now just a furry that's living in Green Bay. I'm also kind of shy I must convey, but don't be afraid to talk to me okay? I promise I'll find a way, to better socialize one day. Just a message I'd like to relay
Striving to provide a good vibe for those that feel they're in a deep tide, since everyone deserves a chance to get by, in life's crazy roller coaster ride. Just let me be your guide, and I'll continue on this rhyming stride, since making someone's day makes me glad inside, and also adds a little more to my pride, since all a friend wants is to be by your side
Fav Music:
Mainly anything especially techno, and VGM has always been from the get go, but as for the genre of rap? Heck no! I also like some jazz if you must know
Fav Movies:
Anything with a decent story. Even the pointless ones that are just gorey. Action is always fun, but The Lion King is my number one. These rhymes have only just begun, and for taking the time to read them, thanks a ton!
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Gigispackles writes at 6:33:51pm on 9/16/20
Been on a nostalgia trip and remember talking to you a lot. Just passing by and saying hello...and boy has this page changed since last I saw, haha.
GreenGhost21 writes at 3:28:07am on 7/10/18
Hey, just trying to find the source album for the Extended original Look To The Sky. Any chance you could identify it?
Tarlis writes at 10:34:19am on 3/20/18
Naughty dog, just kidding, anyway I liek your work in finding DDR music full versions for the masses LOL. And also I wish there was more DDR Furries and SM furries.
Gradiant writes at 12:31:49pm on 8/6/17
Yeah, but I'm barely active on there. Need to actually start using my account
Gradiant writes at 4:30:00pm on 8/2/17
haha, yeah. Absolutely love his art style
Rixia writes at 10:39:35am on 3/24/17
Your profile is awesome~
Also, hello. ouo
Charu writes at 1:07:15am on 12/22/16
Aww, thanks! And don't worry about it, heheheh
MrShermanboy writes at 12:46:58am on 12/22/16
lol :P
MrShermanboy writes at 12:43:26am on 12/22/16
i moved to nashville last year. now i'm back in minnesota, then i move again in a few weeks.
MrShermanboy writes at 12:39:30am on 12/22/16
yeah.. i work too much. that and i've been traveling a bunch as well.