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Don't Post Here!
Posted on: April 25, 2008, at 12:16:51am   [1 comment]
Don't post on my wall unless you are in my buddy list. I will delete any posts that are from people that aren't on my buddy list, unless they are about certain business. Another thing, DON'T ASK ABOUT vROFL CHALLENGES, I WILL NEGATIVELY RATE YOUR PROFILE IF YOU ASK ME FOR A CHALLENGE!

Too fucking awesome not to post!
Posted on: April 21, 2008, at 01:39:36am   [3 comments]

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Rebirth0 writes...
at 2:09:34am on 8/11/12
I see your ass online
Izzy writes...
at 5:44:07am on 7/14/08
I dunno, ive never heard of you.
Izzy writes...
at 11:40:43am on 7/13/08
Who might you be.
chunky_cheese writes...
at 9:46:28pm on 10/16/07
You my friend, have a powerful link, use it wisely.
colt.45 writes...
at 2:29:40pm on 8/6/07
you can shure! im on aim more but ill get on msn tooo =3
colt.45 writes...
at 2:28:07pm on 8/6/07
ok!!! im not on msn much though =3 but ill get on sometime today =]
Xezial writes...
at 1:59:11am on 7/23/07
I miss you, man. come back sometime
HammyMcSquirrel writes...
at 6:47:15pm on 7/19/07
Thumbs up! Huzzah!
XXXsmittyXXX writes...
at 9:13:49pm on 7/12/07
DrugstoreCowboy writes...
at 6:50:13pm on 7/12/07
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