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Posted on: July 18, 2015, at 07:16:59pm

cause new profile from Zenith and it was too long


  1. That is le solid, other files like Amen Iraq, Sparkle Downer, Time to Eye

  2. o nice profile (sun) sorry for bailing on mp yesterday, i was sleeping like a rock lmfao

  3. Not until I get home and if I'm lucky I can

  4. (sun) i like it. also you get to be the only comments on my profile for now. feel special.

  5. I like the new profile design, Aragaki.

  6. Let me know when you wanna MP. Always up for it.

  7. I do but I can't use it atm. Long story short, I'm using a 6yr old laptop atm and skype makes everything laggy. When I get my laptop back from repair I'll add you Should be about 1-2 weeks. PM me your skype name whenever.

  8. Congrats on your difficulty 72 SDG! You're getting closer to D5.

  9. Yeah sure man. I just woke up so excuse my lack of skill :P

  10. I don't know if you've done week 7 normal yet, but I am looking for someone to do the quest with. Let me know if you want to do the quest.

  11. Yes, that should be good.

  12. Are you still good play?

  13. I'll be in the lobby now if you're ready.

  14. ye

  15. Wanna do some MP?

  16. Don't think 8PM will work for me, sorry about that. Whenever I am on FFR for a while, I'm usually on the MP. So, whenever you see me on recent games often, then we could probably MP.

  17. I'm gonna be busy at that time with stuff.

  18. 4 bil~

  19. Congrats on 500 AAA's!

  20. 500 AAAs! Congrats! :)

  21. Congratulations on getting 500 AAAs! :)

  22. ^ Ditto to the above 3 posts! ;-D
    Now, keep going for MOAR!! :O

  23. go go go to 1k AAAs :)

  24. Yep, but the title is honestly false, I don't think I'm near ready for D5

  25. Thank you! I think at most I can get up to 800-900. My goal is to AAA everything from difficulty 1-50, but currently I'm stuck on Force of Light because of that weird pattern jumps to singles. And then there's Max Forever, because o-h trills. Currently I have every song difficulty 1-29 AAA'd.

  26. ty i am proud of the 2d jailbait

  27. no

  28. hi. i miss talking to you. hope you're doing well <3

  29. Congrats on 600 AAA's!

  30. Congrats on reaching 600 AAAs! :)

  31. i am up to... not a lot. life is actually p boring right now for me. well kinda. stuff w my mom has been, uh, interesting. but aside from that not much. how's school going???

  32. offered you a couple of trades in the ffr tcg. would be great if you could help me out~~ tyyy

  33. Congrats on D5 get!

  34. Congratulations on D5 promotion!

  35. Congrats on D5! Soon you'll be as good as me. :)

  36. Thanks! I was 181st to unlock this

  37. Congrats on D5. I got the screenshot of your recent achievement as well. I will PM it to you :D

  38. Congratulations on getting 900 Full Combos! :D

  39. You've been tearing this game up lately. D5 and now 900 FCs! Congrats! :)

  40. aha yes, i remember! it's been a long time

  41. today was probably the first day i've played in 2015 haha

  42. haha not sure about that. i'd have trouble AAAing a 9 atm

  43. <3

  44. I have something I'd like you to try while you play. Can you focus on making sure you constantly start every patterns you see as perfectly as possible? Like it doesn't matter if you get goods 5-6 notes into them. Just give a special attention to that detail and tell me if it helps you at all please~ btw, the jumpjack part at the end of AIM Anthem, they're not jumpjacks, they're quick jumps. You would get a lot less goods if you isolated that part a bit and just tried to hit them like a pile of jumps. Mirror could help too if you prefer to nail all the left handed jumps first.
    Otherwise, I'm leaving you my D6 spot any day with that fotbb score~

  45. Basically, the end-game of this is to hit nearly every patterns without losing any energy and chaining from one complex pattern to another without wasting too much stamina. Just try to find songs that are slightly too fast for you, hit patterns as lightly as possible and focus on "transitions" from one pattern to another without any momentum. If you're doing this right, everything in the game should become easier. After it's just some conditioning and building that flow to make you hit stuff that felt impossible before.

  46. The goal of practicing this is to make you avoid a situation where you fall behind. It should eventually make your replays look like AAA runs with a bunch of goods/etc. in the hard parts. At this point you'll be able to play a little more risky (by doing what you were doing @ trading stamina to hit everything perfectly) while hopefully keeping just enough stamina to hold the AAA on everything else. It's more tricky than it looks. It kept making me change how I play.

  47. you have a really good taste picking anime girls lol

  48. rip indeed, it's my 6th flag iirc, maybe more flags happened lmao

  49. np :) also i didn't knew you were playing stepmania.

  50. grats on 700 AAAs mang0

  51. grats on 1k fcs

  52. Congratulations on getting 1,000 FCs! :D

  53. Congratulations for 1,000 FCs and every milestone before that

  54. Huge congratulations on unlocking Token Whore! :D

  55. best text ever ''waifus''

  56. Hello! It has been a while since I have seen you last. So, how is everything going with you? :)

  57. Wait until Day 7, haha. If you know the full pictures for both Day 6 and 7 you see the clear difference from the first 5 days.

  58. yo, you signing up for the 11th OT?

  59. Trust me. You are a lot better at this than you think you are. :) This tournament pretty much puts Index players like myself at a huge disadvantage. :(

  60. subtle reminder

  61. aragakiayase your profile is so lewd! :O

  62. ❝this is looking fun❞/
    quite fun, indeed, i presume!
    vigilante, no?

  63. Who, me? Just Snivy!/
    ◣Seductive◥ as everyone/
    does know me so well~

  64. my spot is pending/
    i cannot yet post online/
    i do not know why

  65. please start without me/
    the show must go on today/
    i forfeit my spot

  66. Eh... see ya. Take care and stuff.

  67. grandmas gang