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My name is Walker... I am a successful realtor from Vancouver and am 22 years of age!
Dicks lol
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Progress! "getting better"
Posted on: April 19, 2015, at 11:43:15pm   [4 comments]
I am going to try to SDG as many 70s as I can in the next few months…

* depicts newest

i can't even keep up my 70+ SDGs anymore… Its crazy. I even AAAd a 73, and got 4 clean on a 79.

Heres the list:

(70) - Colbri (7-0-1-5)
(70) - SHI*O*KA*RA (7-0-1-0)
(70) - Devilz Staircase (6-0-1-1)
(70) - Louder! Louder! LOUDER! (9-0-3-0) (I DONT EVEN CARE ITS SO CLOSE)
(70) - NixTek (5-0-2-0)
(71) - A FLOWER GARDEN (4-0-0-1)
(71) - Can't Hide Your Love (9-0-0-0) **
(71) - Felix^3 (6-0-0-1) **
(71) - Final Destination (3-0-2-1) **
(71) - New Fluttershy Bullshit Song (9-0-0-1) **
(71) - super mario bros theme (original NES is awesome) - (6-0-1-0) **
(71) - Faint Breath (7-0-0-0)
(71) - G Air (6-0-1-1)
(72) - Famicon Selecta (6-0-1-0)
(72) - Perfect Cherry Storm (4-0-0-0) (NEW SCORE) (previous was 9 clean)
(72) - Exclusive Utopia (4-0-0-0) *** so many new scores
(73) - Fried Eggs in My Ear (3-0-0-0) (Whoa, wtf)
(73) - DR1 (3-0-0-0) ****
(74) - Dead and Direct (9-0-0-0)
(77) - Skeletor (10-0-0-0)
(82) - Electro Rush x8 V2 (9-0-0-2) LOL AHAHAH SANDBAG GALORE

Difficulty 70+ SDG Count As of June 15th, 2015: 20

New Journey In Life... Finding Maturity.
Posted on: August 24, 2014, at 11:57:52pm   [2 comments]
So as many of you know, I have started a new journey in my little, boring-old life. I recently moved to Vancouver to attend Simon Fraser University. Finding a place has been hard and has led me to couch-surf at my friends place, I was even so exhausted one day that I stopped at a park and had a power nap on a picnic table for a few hours.

Being basically homeless the past week has taught me some valuable lessons about handling my stress, and I am quite surprised as to how I am handling it. I feel as if I am growing up; becoming more mature, and it's significantly different from how I perceived myself just a little over a year ago when I moved to Calgary and had difficulties finding a place to live. I felt as if I was a complete and utter train-wreck back then, who jumped on the very first residence I was able to get, not caring about my happiness. While now, I am not rushing the process, I am valuing my happiness and well-being at a much higher regard than, my sense of security and stress, because previously, stress is what caused my previous "failures"; or which I like to call 'Learning Curves".

In the end my spiritual and physical well-being, alongside my happiness, are going to be the main reasons that cultivate me into the successful person, in which, I desire to become.

Take this story to heart, and try not to sweat the small stuff. Focus on making yourself happy, and finding yourself, you are never too young to do so. I know it has sure helped with me. :)

Love you guys,


Posted on: August 23, 2012, at 01:16:29am   [2 comments]
Reach 150 AAAs:
Reach 750 FCs:
Reach 100 Tier Points:
Unlock ONI:
SDG a FGO Song: So close with Frictional Nevada...

Official Tourny... :)
Posted on: August 12, 2012, at 03:08:12am   [0 comments]
Round 1 - Easssy AAA... Got on like my 3rd try.

Round 2 - Lol, I thought I was gonna lose... Couldn't do it for the life of me.

Round 3 - Another Decently easy AAA.

Round 4 - Was scared about this one, didn't think I'd pull it off.

Round 5 - Oh my fuccen god... I had 14th place for the whole week, untill the last 10 minutes... I got back from dinner accepting my fate of being booted out not getting top 8, I reluctantly played through once, got 6 clean... I knew I could do it so I played through a couple more times and with less than 10 minutes left in the round I snagged a 3-0-0-1 and got 6th... (So Sorry VisD!)

Round 6 - Wtf? I was the first to AAA my song out of all divisions... I got this AAA on my second try 10 minutes after the round started, I love 32nds <3. Very awesome song Favourite so far.

All my Non-mash FGO/FMO Fcs
Posted on: June 18, 2008, at 09:41:54am   [3 comments]
None Would Escape
Ketzarku Mozgalom

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how are you doing boy
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at 10:45:56pm on 11/3/16
I mean if they wedding needs some attractive people toss me an invite
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when you coming to NJ boyyy
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sup boy
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i see no tries!!
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lol you knooooow it. do you have skype??
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at 7:57:20am on 8/4/16
told you not to give up ;)
make the gays proud
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at 10:55:55pm on 8/2/16
Filthy! Gross!
kmay writes...
at 8:32:19am on 7/26/16
wow you have skill boosted a lot this tourney congrats!
kmay writes...
at 10:20:32am on 7/22/16
girl. whats your skype name :p I need someone to chat with while I attempt to make it through this round
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