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I'm back after a long semester. did alright i guess. taking a summer class and got a new job. hopefully will have a lot of money saved by the time this class ends and can have an amazing summer just going places.
Drawing, fashion, reading
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Envy on the Coast, Oldies, FREEBIRD, rap, dubstep
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Mean Girls, pretty sure its the most quotable movie ever
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Posted on: July 19, 2012, at 10:26:25am   [0 comments]
i actually suck at this game. how am i going on to round 3 in D5...
Posted on: July 10, 2012, at 03:24:58pm   [0 comments]

july 26th much better

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Puzzler64 writes at 11:23:37am on 9/23/20
Thanks for the vote.
Adamaja456 writes at 8:47:35am on 7/14/16
Thank you! It was a long journey, but a much needed one xox
LaZboy77 writes at 1:15:14pm on 11/8/14
Lol girl I ain't into chicks :)
Elite Ninja writes at 12:15:41pm on 9/11/12
Yes and iirc you had like 5 goods or something on Blue Rose haha.
Elite Ninja writes at 10:10:21am on 8/26/12
I finally supped you on this. Sheesh I don't know how you were so good at this song.
I_Love_Allie writes at 12:17:43am on 7/26/12
just saw it :b
I_Love_Allie writes at 12:06:49am on 7/26/12
lemme join D:
I_Love_Allie writes at 12:03:20am on 7/26/12
doesnt sound like a bad idea. may do the same, minus the couch lol
I_Love_Allie writes at 11:52:28pm on 7/25/12
yeah stopped uploading them after a while. i only put new ones on FB, sometimes ill change my FFR display to a new one too.
I_Love_Allie writes at 11:48:28pm on 7/25/12
haha i know right. i was 14-15 when i made it. stupid name to choose i soon learned.