R^3 v1.4.1 – Release

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 25th, 2021

With 238 changed files, 18586 additions and 13860 deletions, what was supposed to be a small incremental update turned into the largest engine update instead.

This release comes a new Settings Window, new Replay History Window, several new Gameplay quality of life additions, a large multiplayer backend update and more.

As always the download links for the release can be found in the left sidebar with the blue Download button or by clicking here, if you run into any issues, be sure to drop an issue over at our issue tracker.

Menu Additions

Custom Menu Background – Velocity (@Psycast)
Why settle with just a gradient color background when you can place anything you want instead.

You can now set any .png or .jpg image as your menu background by naming it (bg_menu.png / bg_menu.jpg) and placing it within the games main folder.

Genre Flags – Velocity (@Psycast)
Genre flags are a representation of your performance within a genre or difficulty range. This was actually a feature round within the R^2 engine that lasted for a small while that highlighted when all songs within that category were AAA’d or FC’d. This has been expanded to show your current best flag for the category as a small colored dot next to the category matching the flags normal color.

Menu Navigation – Velocity (@Psycast)
The top navigation bar in the menu has been changed to make the filter button highlight when a filter is active, and to add a button to get to the Replay History window.

Allow previewing locked songs – Andrew WCY (@G-flat)
Locked songs were locked and didn’t have the option, they do now though.

Settings – Velocity (@Psycast)

The entire settings menu has received a new coat of paint and slightly more organized. Along with the redesign, it also adds some long requested features that didn’t really fit within the old settings window.

General Tab
This now contains the most basic and the most commonly changed settings during gameplay:
- Scroll Speed
- Receptor Spacing
- Note Scale
- Game Volume
- Menu Volume
- Global Offset
- Judge Offset
- Autofail
- Scroll Direction
- Mirror toggle
- Song Rate
- Isolation

Input Tab
Now displays inputs in a hopefully more obvious way, and includes a simple input tester to see if you have any issues with key rollover / ghosting.

Noteskin Tab
Noteskins recieved a small addition this time around as well, and it now supports loading noteskins directly from an external .txt file found within the noteskins folder.
In addition to this, note colors have been moved into this tab and now provides active representation of the note swap choices that are currently set.

Game Modifiers
No new additions this time for new game mods, but that have a new home here.

Game UI Visuals
This contains most of the visual toggles for the game, for both gameplay components and song selection components.

Game Colors
Used for setting the color for gameplay components such as Judge Accuracy text, Combo text, and the games background colors during menus.

For the settings that just don’t fit anywhere else. This contains your more advanced options such as engine playlist, framerate, vsync, and others.

This also news a new option to allow the game to remember it’s last window position and size, along with settings the values directly. So you don’t need to do it manually each time.

Replay History – Velocity (@Psycast)

The menu formally known as the F2 menu has also received the same new design as the settings window, but a little more then that.

Personal Online Replays
Since the removal of flash for the web, viewing saved replays hasn’t been the easiest thing around, and this is the first step at addressing that.

While the replay menu had the ability to play temporary replays created during a session or even external replays saved using the “Auto-Save Replays Locally” option, it wasn’t able to load online replays directly and you would have to resort to using the import code function which was rather obtuse.

The Online tab found within the replays menu will load your personal saved replays without any hassle. While that doesn’t allow you to view replays of a user, or load a direct replay from another user either, this sets up the ground work for that and will be expanded on in the future.

Gameplay Additions – Velocity (@Psycast)

Custom Gameplay Background – Velocity (@Psycast)
When black just isn’t enough. For those who after all these years have having background on songs disabled, but have grown tired of the just a solid back background, then this might be for you.

You can now set any .png or .jpg image as your gameplay background by naming it (bg_game.png / bg_game.jpg) and placing it within the games main folder. In addition to this, if you don’t fancy using a custom image and still want to change the background color, a new option found in the “Game Colors” section has been added to change the stage color.

Accuracy / Error Bar – Velocity (@Psycast)
Inspired by other games that have something like this. It displays accuracy during gameplay, uses the colors set in the judge colors, and it’s “on” by default. I have nothing else to add.

Song Progress Remaining Time – Velocity (@Psycast)
A simple timer that counts down to the end of the song, can be used along side the progress bar, and defaults to “off”.

Remove Receptor Judgement Animation- Velocity (@Psycast)
This is a feature that found it’s initial inception within the AF2021, and was brought over to the official engine. This disables the animation that plays when a note is hit, so no more distraction flash if you so choose.

Restore Aachen Light as Judge Font – Zageron (@Zageron)
It used to be the judge font but was changed out when the engine became open source. This was supposed to be a temporary change but I really do release engines slow so this took awhile. If you liked the newer one, then an option to change the font will be added in a future release.

Add Column Filter To Results Screen – Sploder12 (@Sploder12)
This allows you to change the accuracy graph on the results screen to different display settings for all columns, LDUR, or by hand.
Now you can really nail down which hand is to blame for you mediocre scores.


Add MP Ready button – Sploder12 (@Sploder12)
Why be surprised when gameplay starts in multiplayer when you can ready up when you’re ready instead.

General Fixes – Sploder12 (@Sploder12), Zageron (@Zageron), Velocity (@Psycast)
While Oppiie was busy typing up a storm, some old and new issues started to become apparent that have been lurking around for many years, neglected due to the unwillingness to touch multiplayer code unless absolutely required. Taking advantage of all the working put in class typing the majority of the MP code, several game breaking dues were address after many years.

While it’s still not entirely stable, as one notable bug with the multiplayer room being stuck in a gameplay state still needs to be addressed, this should hopefully feel a little better.

Core & Multiplayer Code Typing – Oppiie (@mat100payette)

There’s a lot of work in this area, but sadly not much to show directly.

The multiplayer code found within the engine has remained relatively untouched for many years due to both the complexity of getting all the pieces to work together, and remaining as backwards compatible with previous engine versions as much as possible. Due to this, it has remained in a rather broken state that worked, but not that well. With this massive amount of work primarily completed by Oppiie, one of the largest steps into making a stable multiplayer experience has taken place with more work to be done in the future.

Another year has come and gone, and another engine update finally released, and here I thought the AF2021 engine would be the biggest engine release I would do for a long time.

I was going to go into more of the smaller changes and fixes, but the post is getting rather long.

- Velocity and the FFR Development Contributors.

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