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21 years old, he/him, coin collector, and loves winter time. Outside of FFR, I mainly like to hunt shinies on pokemon (in old and new games!) and play MC on the switch.
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My fav bands would include: Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Skillet, and FFR has also made me begin to like Rise Against alot too. Anything rock/metal is my fav, but I also enjoy Starset, some Laura Brehm songs, and alot of themes from games (mainly pokemon and undertale)
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2022 Tourney
Posted on: July 1, 2022, at 12:43:16am   [1 comment]
Here's where I'll jot down my thoughts for OT 15.

Week 1 (Song: Walking the Streets of a Former Hell):

Oh my god!?? I actually AAA'ed the first song of the D5 tourney! I'm so ecstatic about that!! :D I'd say it was definitely a fun song to kick things off overall, there was a scary trill in the middle, but otherwise, it felt mostly stream-y, which is usually my favorite kind of level to play! Idk how far I will or won't be able to go on until, but whatever the result, I'm already satisfied. This is my first ever tourney I participated in, and I AAA'ed my first ever active tourney level I played!

Week 2 (Song: GLAZ):

Well, things already escalated a bit here. A kinda jacky ending this one has, but after seeing the preview, I was expecting to possibly SDG this one, and I did (7 goods) but I may be keeping that lucky record, as I'm suddenly mind blocked now when I try to replay it, not by the jacks surprisingly, but by the huge spike in arrows just before the bulk of the jacks start. (And I'm pretty sure I'm missing the exact same 2 notes there over and over now too) Fingers crossed that my first full run will cut it!

Week 3: (Song: The Friendly Wolf (Part 1)):

Wow! Ok! What a shocking change from round 2, I was going into round 3 expecting a bad score after what I was seeing in the preview, and I come out with a 3 good SDG! This had a few hit or miss jack stretches, and a ton of rolls in this level, but they didn't feel as bad as I anticipated. Overall, not too bad of a level to play. Now, I feel like it's unlikely that I'm gonna top a raw good count of 3, but I'm quite satisfied with this. Hope it'll be enough to keep a decent position moving into round 4!

Week 4: (Song: Evanescent)

We got a jumpstream level this week boii! We're up to a 79 difficulty now, and I started off having 6 goods on it, but before I even typed this, I got a 5 good record now instead. And, what's crazier here: this level actually just gave me my new #1 AAA equivalency ever too! (76.36! Old highest was 75.84.) There's not many cases where I can efficiently play a 79 difficulty, it's atually almost out of my FC'able range, but again, it's a JS level, and that's one of my stronger areas, so I've got hope! The quest for top 16 is looking pretty good now! It's possible to maybe improve that 5 good PB still, but if I don't, I'm keeping my fingers crossed hard that it'll be enough for the top 16 token/achievement!

Week 5: N/A

I did it! D5 is mine!!!!
Posted on: September 30, 2021, at 02:40:03am   [1 comment]
9 days after I come back from my semi-hiatus, and close to 8 months of being D4 later, I can't believe I'm actually typing this now. D5 has actually finally been achieved! Back in mid February, I recall saying that D4 would definitely be the last division promotion I could ever possibly earn, and thinking that any higher division would've definitely been way out of my league, because, at the time, I struggled a lot with just getting any AAA equivalency over 60. And now, as I type this, 60+ equivalencies covers almost my whole top 100. And on top of that, unbelievably, I even managed to get my very first 70+ AAA ever! Wow! All the improvement that slowly occurred over those months was so much more then I could've ever imagined! And maybe it'll continue to slowly get even better from here! Will just have to keep on playing like I've been to find that out! For now though, I think I'll probably take a break from the much higher difficulties (grinded them so much over this last week, and my fingers are kinda tired from all that now, my left hand is especially aching from it x_x) and instead start to really aim towards that other big FFR goal I had: getting 1,000 AAAs!

carnation with 2 goods is what officially got me over the edge for achieving D5! Wow, how funny. I say that because a 2 good SDG is what got me the last division promotion too!

Back in action
Posted on: September 21, 2021, at 06:20:53pm   [0 comments]
Hey, I'm back! Well, after a series of recent crazy AAAs I've managed to get (ranging from 60-65 difficulty), I think I'm feeling confident enough again to come back and try to start playing higher difficulty files again! If I'm being honest, I kinda thought/expected my break from high difficulty files would last a lot longer than this (like until around winter time), but I feel like if I'm able to manage these VC AAAs now, then just maybe, I might be ready to try and get some solid SDGs on 70+ difficulties, and maybe even get enough of them to finally get that D5 promotion! Before I began the semi-hiatus, I was straining just attempting to get anything above a 60 AAA (only did it like... 4 times over a 2 month span I think), and now, just yesterday, within only a 24 hour span, I popped off 4 of em! (61-65 range!) That said, I'll probably start off with warming up on some higher end 60s first, to get used to the higher difficulties again, then after that, get back to trying, attempting, the "master" files once more... let's hope for the best!

Posted on: June 28, 2021, at 11:31:53pm   [1 comment]
So, I've already been offline for a little while now without much activity (saved activity that is), but I just wanted to quick post here that I think I'm probably gonna go on a hiatus after typing this. Since reaching Lv 67, it's like I've totally plateaued now, and It's beginning to feel like I possibly have hit my limit now. Been practicing enough 70+ difficulty files lately w/mods enabled (starting at specific notes) attempting the hardest parts of certain files I haven't been able to get passed in order to (hopefully) get better, but to no avail, and no more improvement in about 2 weeks now, I'm still stuck at the same skill rating level, and it's both really frustrating & demotivating because it looks like I'm so close to that next promotion, but yet it feels like it's so far away still. So I'm thinking it's probably time now to take my first long, and needed, break/cooldown from all the key mashing.

I may still come back for a little bit for the upcoming tourney (haven't decided yet, though ik it's gonna begin in like a week now, so I gotta decide soon), and I may (rarely) come back to get some more lower difficulty AAAs towards the 1k goal, but other than that, I'm off now. Unsure when I'll actively be back on again, but I'll be sure to make another post here when it happens, peace out.

AAA Milestones Achieved
Posted on: April 13, 2021, at 06:55:59pm   [0 comments]
100 AAAs achieved on Jan 4th 2021

Now that I'm doing difficulties of 30s and even some 40s with clean FCs, I figured I'd finally go back to some "Easy" songs and begin to really grind out my first AAAs, and here we are! My first AAA achievement!
(Sound of my Dreams RMX was the 100th AAA)
200 AAAs achieved on Feb 10th 2021

Wellp, it's been over a month since the 100 milestone, got lazy and slowed way down for a bit after the 100 mark, and took a semi-break from FFR, but decided to really continue the grind about a week ago, and I've now picked up my 200th AAA!
(Back to the Gate, shocked I didn't choke the end!)
300 AAAs achieved on Feb 23rd 2021

Decided to really grind out AAAs on all the rest of the "Standard" songs after hitting 200, and now after succeeding in doing that + a few "Tricky" songs and 1 "Difficult" song, the 3rd AAA milestone is here!

(We Won't Be Alone was my 300th public AAA)
400 AAAs achieved on March 23rd 2021

Another short break, and exactly a month later after the 300 milestone, 400 AAAs has been reached! A lot in the 'Tricky' range has been done at this point, and the AAA progress is still going strong! Hope to reach half a thousand soon!

(A Beautiful Storm was my 400th public AAA!)
500 AAAs achieved on May 10th 2021

Wow, half a thousand now! All the songs from Easiest-Tricky difficulties have been AAA'ed now (minus 4 tokens and some others with that blue [L] icon) and, honestly, shocked I've gotten this far with the AAAs now! Hopefully this keeps up! Next major goal is to hit is 1k, though I'm not really expecting that to actually happen. For now, up next will be (mostly) a ton of difficult/very difficult files so we'll see how that goes!

(Liberate by Disturbed was my 500th public AAA! Super stressful ending it had that's for sure)
600 AAAs achieved on May 19th 2021

It's been a huge grind of MANY "Difficult" ranged files over just the last 9 days, but here I already am now, at the 600 AAA milestone! Guess there must have been a surge in skill, because this was actually rather quick to reach after hitting 500. Kinda wanna take a break now, as I'm kinda feeling burnt out after grinding nearly 100 "Difficult" files in <9 days, but at the same time, at the rate I see these AAAs are still coming in, it makes me wanna go on and keep raising that AAA count even more. Maybe will just slow it down a lot for now, go down to just doing a couple a day maybe before I get completely exhausted of FFR lmao

(Faces [Heavy] was my 600th public AAA! Another good rock song imo, also another long file to play (the pressure D:))
700 AAAs achieved on 6/17/2021 (forgot to update the stats until the 18th though)

Another AAA milestone achieved, and "Difficult" is like 90% AAA'ed now. It's been a slow off/on month (as expected, since, like I said, I felt burnt out after the grind to 600), but I've gotten some of the craziest AAAs yet that I never expected to achieve since reaching the 600 mark, including a handful of 60+ difficulty files, and most recently, my first ever file with over 2,000 notes! That said, it's starting to really look/feel like that 1k AAA goal may really be doable! Just gotta hope I can keep on getting those 50+ difficulty AAAs.

The Brain of the Moon was my 700th AAA, possibly my proudest AAA I've ever earned as of typing this, and a music theme I also really like. I can't believe I didn't mess it up from the extreme pressure I felt at the end!
800 AAAs achieved on 10/6/2021

Finally, a new AAA milestone is here! It's the first one I've gotten since before I began my semi-hiatus, and I've come back better then ever now! Almost the entire last 100 AAAs has actually been challenging (and higher!) files, a handful of them were 60+, and 1 of those AAAs was even my first ever Master (Goatstep) AAA! Wth me having over 150 files to AAA in the "Very Difficult" Category still, and with what all I've done over these past 100 AAAs, I think can practically taste that 4-digit AAA count coming real soon now! Let's keep the AAAs coming!

Infernoplex was my 800th AAA, my god, my heart was flying after I managed to get by the climax of that, for the SECOND time. My terribly shaky hands made me painfully choke (once) after the climax part, but a couple more tries later, it was reclaimed!
900 AAAs achieved on 11/10/2021

This is it, just 1 more AAA milestone remains until I finally hit 1,000!! Many more "Challenging" ranged files have been AAA'ed since I hit 800, some 60+s too, and I'm still feeling really good about the pace I'm getting new AAAs at! Now, it's time, time to keep grinding for those last 100 AAAs!!

Castorpollux was my 900th AAA, and it didn't feel like it was that bad of a file to play honestly! The only close calls were the middle section, and that final burst-y looking chunk of arrows that was at the very end. Castorpollux was a really nice sounding tune too imo!
ONE THOUSAND AAAs!! Achieved on 11/15/2021

I've done it! A 4-digit AAA count is now here! 1,000 kinda came WAY sooner then I was initially anticipating because token songs suddenly jumped my AAA count all the way from 900 to 980, but it still feels epic to have 1,000 AAAs now! Of course I'll still continue to grind as many more new AAAs as I can, but I'm not so sure how many more milestones' worth I'll be able to manage from here out. I think with what's all left from 1-60 difficulties still that I can confidently reach somewhere ebtween 1,200-1,300, but we'll just have to see. If it's possible, my next new big AAA goal will be whatever it takes to unlock Game Genie!

Survive by Rise Against was my 1,000th AAA, and oh my god, my heart was going to blow out of my chest after I somehow AAA'ed that little burst at the end. I thought for sure I was about to fail in that final consistent stretch because of just how high my anxiety was at that point lmao this might be my new proudest AAA I ever did! (and as of typing this, it's my longest file time-wise I ever AAA'ed!)
1,100 AAAs achieved! 1/10/2022

The first AAA milestone of the new year, and wow it's been a wild last 100 AAAs! As of typing this, there's only about 70 more levels left in the "Challenging" section that haven't already been AAA'ed (that includes tokens/legacy/etc), I'm closing in on also having 100 60+ difficulty AAAs too now, and I can now say I've AAA'ed at least 1 of every 60s rated difficulty! Imo, it's crazy that I'm actually able to say all of that now, I never expected to almost fully AAA the whole "Challenging" section, and I especially never thought I could come close to having a 3-digit 60+ difficulty AAA count... I guess I'm continuing to improve even more now, even after my (at the time) very hard struggle to become D5! Hope this continued improvement will be enough to eventually get me the 50% AAA achievement!

Into The Arena was my 1,100th AAA! It's my first time getting a 69 difficulty AAA, and it's my 2nd highest difficulty AAA I ever was able to achieve as of reaching this milestone! (only beaten by Goatstep) I think I just got unbelievably lucky in getting the AAA on Into The Arena, especially with what all the last 500 or so notes of it entails, but since I did somehow get it still, I'm so ecstatic about that! Definitely saving & uploading a pic of that lucky win!
1,200 AAAs achieved! 3/2/2022 (stats weren't updated until the 3rd though)

Yet another AAA milestone in the books, and the last 100 of them contained some of my new most insane AAAs I've ever gotten! As I type this, exactly only 50 songs remain un-AAA'ed in the "Challenging" section, I was able to knock off a handful of new higher 60s-range AAAs, and the highlight of them all: not 1, not 2, but THREE new "Master" AAAs were unbelievably achieved! (Men & Machines [Redemption], Give It All (HUGE FLUKE), and Timer) I still can't believe that, especially Give It All. When I go to re-play it again, I strain just to FC it again now, so idk how my hands were ever able to AAA that even once...
Anyway, it's time to continue the journey of unlocking Game Genie! And I think it may finally be time to really grind out those remaining <50 difficulty levels I've kept on reserve too. I've been holding out on them, trying to get as many harder AAAs towards my count as possible first, but I think I'm really starting to run out of doable harder levels now. Each session, if it's lucky, may get over 2 new harder AAAs ("harder" being high 50s, or 60+ in difficulty) but if I was able to secure a few new master AAAs, maybe I can start really trying to grind some brand new higher-end 60s? Idk... Time will tell, we'll just have to wait and see how it all goes in the next 100!

Mine by Disturbed was my 1,200th AAA! The longest song length I've ever AAA'ed before, and the highest note count I've ever AAA'ed before! My shaky hands almost couldn't take the stress in the whole last minute of it, but somehow, my panic didn't choke it, very very happy about that win!
1,300 AAAs achieved on 4/8/2022

Wellp, here we finally are, at my originally predicted "final" AAA milestone a couple months ago.

As sad as it is to admit, the end of new AAAs (at a quick pace at least) is definitely close now, with only a little over 150 levels remaining that are 60 or less in difficulty (and some of those are the last of the "Challenging" section levels that I very likely don't see myself being able to ever do) I'm now thinking that, at the absolute most, 1,500 might very likely be the true last achievable milestone, as that would require all but a couple of the remaining <60 difficulty levels I've got left. And as far as the VC section goes, I don't think there's that many more I can realistically see myself doing. Aside of a couple lower 60s I think I can probably do still, I'm mainly looking at a minimum of 66 difficulty now, which, as I type this now, 66+ difficulties only accounts for exactly 42 of my AAAs. So with what's left on the table, it looks like up next will be the grind of the last of the easier levels, which should have no problem getting me 1 more milestone, but after that, its gonna slow waaaay down.

EOS was my 1,300th AAA! Had some other levels in mind that I would've liked to be the milestone more, but it was after a BRUTAL 3 or so hours of continuous fails/chokes on them, I decided to try some other levels instead, and after a few tries, I was able to settle on EOS. Not a bad level!
1,400 AAAs achieved on 4/21/2022

Quite a grind it's been the last 2 weeks, but I've now gotten to my (more than likely) last quick milestone, 1,400 AAAs! Including everything now, legacy levels, tokens, etc, according to my queue, there's exactly 138 un-AAAed levels remaining now that are "Challenging" or less in difficulty, some of which I definitely don't see me ever AAA'ing, and to my surprise, that even includes a song in the "Difficult" category (because of rolls). Seeing what all is still left, I think there's a solid chance of me getting to 1 more milestone now, but after that, that's 100% gonna be it, until more doable levels slowly release of course.

Opia was my 1,400th AAA! Wasn't too bad for a 66 difficulty imo, pretty nice level!
1,500 AAAs achieved on 6/30/2022

Very happy that I was able to still make it 1 more milestone, up to a whopping one and a half thousand AAAs now! Wow. When the AAA journey began over a year ago, I never anticipated being able to get nearly this far. But now, until at least enough new doable songs release, I think this is really it. The last possible AAA milestone. As I type this, there's exactly a total of 86 un-AAA'ed levels left that are "Challenging" and under, and at least 10 of which I definitely just don't see myself being able to get (rolls are mainly to blame) So, with everything that's left as of now, I'm mostly looking at 65s and up, and there's really not many more of those I think I can do either now. Near 1,570 is where I'm projecting my maximum cap at, but as I always say, I guess we'll see how it goes. Most likely, It's gonna be a long time now until any new AAA milestone is reached, if at all.

BLUE NOAH was my 1,500th AAA! Oh my god, the stress. There wasn't many jumpy parts, thank god (only a few doable random rolls) but, this was the longest song length (over 5 and a half minutes!) AND it was the highest note count I think I ever AAA'ed too, over 2,400 notes!
1,600 AAAs achieved on 8/15/2022

Wellp, I actually was able to pull off 1 more extra AAA milestone, that's pretty hype! All the recently released tournament levels definitely helped out with that, but now, at this point, as I type this, there's only about 45 total levels (including everything, legacy, tokens, even the token whore token) that are ranged from 1-59 difficulty, which isn't enough for another milestone, and over 50% of the "Very Challenging tab" is also AAA'ed already, so it's REALLY looking bleak now. I can 1,000% say at this point that until enough new 1-70 levels are released, this is it for any new AAA milestones.

Degenerate was my 1,600th AAA! Another song by Scary kids scaring kids exactly 1,000 AAAs later, this one had such a good ending for me to read ngl, and as of that one, I think I've AAA'ed all the SKSK levels!

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