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FFR Rank:150
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FFR Grandtotal Rank:441
FFR Grandtotal:13,117,798,155
FFR Games Played:17,573
Location:Florida, USA
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Gaming Region:USA - Northwest
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spongebobismysenpai's Gameplay Stats Today
263 / 2442
789 / 2442
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723 / 1500
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About me:
hiiii my name is arielle ppl call me air tho i like to make friendssss SO TALK 2 ME<3
Fav Music:
poo song
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- FFR 13th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- Survive -Bad Time Simulator- [Aprils Fools 2020]
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Link251 writes...
at 7:17:23pm on 5/3/21
meep meep meeee meep mep meep meeeep meepm eeep meep
cheese puff
Rapta writes...
at 11:26:49am on 4/4/21
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 5:51:02pm on 3/21/21
now you can beat me to d7 since i have no energy to play well consistently
Rapta writes...
at 3:11:52pm on 3/21/21
sleep gud
FirstMaple8 writes...
at 7:10:02pm on 3/14/21
Pizza69 writes...
at 7:09:25pm on 3/11/21
damn that's some spicy equiv u got last night, grats on 93!!
FlynnMac writes...
at 11:54:05am on 3/11/21
Grats on 93!! One final bit and you'll join the D7 ranks!
Link251 writes...
at 11:16:01pm on 3/10/21
Link251 writes...
at 11:06:30pm on 3/10/21
YOOOOO, congrats on the 93!!!
your so close to d7 now
JordanTheBeast writes...
at 11:42:55am on 3/9/21
didnt know it was going to be that big v
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