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Random Thoughts
OT13 Round 5
Posted on: August 3, 2020, at 10:14:52am   [0 comments]
D4 song is a banger and is really fun to play. Managed to get an SDG pretty quick even with nerves getting really bad. D5 and D6 songs are fun to play, D6 isn't really too good of a song but still fun to play. D7 and D8 are far to hard for me so I won't hurt myself trying. Didn't play much this week since I was busy. Round 6 might give me trouble with the minijacks but I think I'll make it.

OT13 Round 4
Posted on: July 27, 2020, at 04:26:15pm   [0 comments]
Got top in the first few plays and I'm not sure how. Been doing a lot of programming this week instead of playing. Not improving but not rusting by playing a little. The songs this round were pretty good. D8 got a funny meme song.

OT13 Round 3
Posted on: July 18, 2020, at 05:38:14pm   [1 comment]
Was top of D4 for a tiny bit since i played asap. Currently 3rd which will be fine to get into the next round so I don't plan on improving the score. If i was D5 i'd be tied for 20th but probably safe for the round. Could improve my Ani score but im lazy and only play songs that are out of my league cause it's fun. Played a lot on Thursday, got to 3 bil GT and got vet along with being ontop of most of the daily stats. Went pretty easy on Friday since I was worn out from playing too much. The grind on Thursday boosted my skill a whole lot and i've been getting ~50 less raw goods on 95+ songs. My level has probably increased but i haven't played any songs i could get good acc on so it will stay 71 for now. Really happy with how much better i've been getting recently.

D1 song - didn't play it and won't until i decide to AAA easy songs. Ask Sarbin instead for opinions on the file.

D2 song [TURBO]- neat song. boo flagged it on sightread just cause.

D3 song [MIDI Beach]- alright song. 2g sdg on sightread, could've done better if I was paying more attention.

D4 song [Pizza Hat]- haha funny name. Got sdg and that's good enough. File is better than INSERT COIN but it's eh.

D5 song [Ani Mevushal]- Nice meme song. Really fun file that i could probably sdg if i put some more time into it.

D6 song [Trap Funk]- glad i'm not in D6

D7 song [HeadXplit]- glad i'm not in D7

D8 song [J-CORE SLi//Cer Technique]- Funny song that's pretty good. Fun to play but out of my league.

OT13 Round 2
Posted on: July 12, 2020, at 04:41:46pm   [0 comments]
Absolutely destroyed D3 with the first AAA within a few attempts. Did a lot of playing during the week and have improved a pretty good amount. Got bumped into D4! TBH I feel bad about not telling the staff prior to the tourney that I hadn't played on FFR and have improved, anxiety got the best of me there. Glad I got bumped though since I would've made D3 pretty unfair. Played a bunch till i found out Quaver was coming out. Decided to check it out cause all rhythm games should have a fair chance (except robeats). Played for about a day straight and some. Improved my acc a little from playing I think. Whoops now im D5 lvl 69. Seems like I could be bumped again. People in FFR discord said I'd be able to do pretty good in D5 so I'm not too anxious about it if I do end up getting bumped. I'm happy being able to participate in a tourney and play FFR. Secret score improvement technique: play a lot and turn off all UI except notefield.[Nerves don't get as bad and less distractions]

D1 song [Embrace]- Ask my good friend Sarbin since I didn't play this one and he did.

D2 song [child Protective Services Theme Song [Standard]]- blackflagged on sightread, only played it for the meme. Cool song though.

D3 song [Cheeseburger]- haha cheeseburger

D4 song [INSERT COIN]- Don't like the song all too much and one section of the file feels really awkward, probably not AAA possible by me

D5 song [Sunset Sky Garden]- Song sounds nice and file is very fun. Could AAA it if I grinded hard enough.

D6 song [Raspberry Railgun]- The difficulty jump between D5 and D6 is pretty big. Tough but fun song. Sounds nice too. No way I could SDG any time soon.

D7 song [The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix)]- Too hard for it to be fun for me. Song is okay.

D8 song [Brrrreeed Cicadididi]- burst go Brrrr

OT13 Round 1
Posted on: July 12, 2020, at 04:04:52pm   [0 comments]
Was pretty nervous entering my first OT. Last tourney I entered I was D2 and quit midway through because nerves got to me. (The official Ramen tourney) Starting in D3 was pretty scary since I didn't feel i had improved very much since the Ramen tourney. 2nd person to AAA the song (in the first 10min) and became rivals with Katanaeyegaming. Played D4 song for the fun of it, I feel I could AAA fairly easily. Got back into the grove of FFR and leveled up a bunch. Wasn't in town so my setup was sub-optimal but still put up some good scores. (Pretty late in posting but oh well)

Comment wall
danredge writes...
at 5:29:44am on 8/6/20
Hey GJ on the Booflag on round 6 n_n Really Close to the AAA (Probably a 73/74 so Still Skillboosting)
SubaruPoptart writes...
at 2:03:18pm on 7/12/20
gg on D5!
Synthlight writes...
at 10:03:25pm on 7/23/16
First person to post on your wall.