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Just a dude slapping his keyboard for fun. Mention me on the official FFR discord if you would like to talk to me
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OT13 Round 9
Posted on: August 26, 2020, at 01:13:19pm   [1 comment]
Glad I made it through round 8. The song for this round is really tough and they really stepped up the difficulty for this one.

D1 song [Fireball x0.75] - It sounds kind of weird and I don't think D1 can play this.

D2 song [Fireball x0.85] - Sounds less weird but how is D2 supposed to play this?

D3 song [Fireball x0.95] - Sounds almost normal but D3 is going to have a rough time this round.

D4 song [Fireball x1.00] - Sounds pretty decent. How am i supposed to play this?

D5 song [Fireball x1.15] - Sounds weird again. D5 will have a rough time.

D6 song [Fireball x1.30] - This song is really hard and sounds really bad.

D7 song [Fireball x1.40] - This isn't possible.

D8 song [Fireball x1.50] - Myuka could AAA this.

OT13 Round 8
Posted on: August 24, 2020, at 03:46:40pm   [0 comments]
I think my score will secure the W. Honestly not a fan of the file for malignant tumor, the bursts cause nerves to be pretty bad. Although being anxious about other things can take my mind off of nerves but that also means i'm not playing at my peak. My keys feel really light after taking out a cheap takeout napkin. High quality napkins make a difference apparently but i got good practice from the added force i had to use.

D1 song [Eine Kleine Funkmusikk] - Pretty cool song with a neat file. Enjoyable to play and listen to.

D2 song [Ex Nihilo] - Cool name and also a minecraft mod. Good song with a good file. Another enjoyable one.

D3 song [Benson & Hedges (VS remix)] - Funny song about Benson and his hedges. Fun to play and hedges.

D4 song [Malignant Tumor] - The name describes the file. Lots of bursts and feelings of dread. Honestly would probably like the file better if I didn't have nerves. Good breakcore.

D5 song [Q.E.] - Malignant Tumor that has developed to stage 4.

D6 song [Insane Inflame] - Song is good, also cool that we have Camellia rights. File is not my type and don't enjoy.

D7 song [Sinthasomphone] - No me gusta.

D8 song [Revenge] - Thank you TC_Halogen.

OT13 Round 7
Posted on: August 18, 2020, at 02:35:15pm   [0 comments]
Did pretty good on D4 song but can't do better b/c nerves. I have discovered the napkin technique which allows me to play significantly faster than before. Although I have started to get left wrist pain after playing for a bit on faster songs. Very excited for round 8.

D1 song [Atmosphere] - Good song AAA'd it on sightread

D3 song [Funny Pit] - Actually harder than D4 song, rip D3

D4 song [E-Lectixilent] - really fun song but the rhythm is really weird and is awkward to do consistently

Drest song [songs] - Lazy there fore did not play them

OT13 Round 6
Posted on: August 8, 2020, at 06:21:29pm   [0 comments]
This round is full of bangers. Did alright on sightread of Sakura Fubuki. Somehow got a booflag on it and was trembling from nerves for about a half an hour afterwards. Really fun songs to play and listen to this round.

D1 song [Twilight] - Fun to play. Song itself if not anything special but still good.

D2 song [CHERRY DOLL] - Fun to play. Song is pretty good.

D3 song [Opia] - Very fun to play. Song is pretty incredible.

D4 song [Sakura Fubuki] - My kind of file, i could play this all day. Song is great and I still don't know how I boo flagged it.

D5 song [Marianas Trench] - Another good one. Personally don't like the screaming sections of the song but rest is a bop.

D6 song [Armageddon] - toho towhow toehoe touhou tuhu

D7 song [-:ε] - Too many minijacks for me. Good song though

D8 song [Zygourous Distribution] - Far to hard for me to play. 8-bit high bpm banger

OT13 Round 5
Posted on: August 3, 2020, at 10:14:52am   [0 comments]
D4 song is a banger and is really fun to play. Managed to get an SDG pretty quick even with nerves getting really bad. D5 and D6 songs are fun to play, D6 isn't really too good of a song but still fun to play. D7 and D8 are far to hard for me so I won't hurt myself trying. Didn't play much this week since I was busy. Round 6 might give me trouble with the minijacks but I think I'll make it.

Comment wall
SubaruPoptart writes...
at 7:47:21pm on 8/30/20
Rapta writes...
at 7:06:33pm on 8/30/20
Congratulations on becoming a D6 competitor!
badman7772 writes...
at 7:02:20pm on 8/30/20
nooo you should have waited until the tourney started. LOL
Jaquan writes...
at 7:00:43pm on 8/30/20
u are really putting in some good work today bruv D6 gang!
Andrew WCY writes...
at 6:47:53pm on 8/30/20
Grats on D6!!
Jaquan writes...
at 11:02:04am on 8/30/20
goddayum wtf u already have 50 AAAs today? It's only afternoon wya bro!
danredge writes...
at 5:26:30am on 8/12/20
Hey gj on top 1000 sploder n_n still skillboosting like crazy
danredge writes...
at 5:29:44am on 8/6/20
Hey GJ on the Booflag on round 6 n_n Really Close to the AAA (Probably a 73/74 so Still Skillboosting)
SubaruPoptart writes...
at 2:03:18pm on 7/12/20
gg on D5!
Synthlight writes...
at 10:03:25pm on 7/23/16
First person to post on your wall.