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About me:
The name ULTIMEGA was originally an idea I had for a wicked-crazy hard-to-beat Final Fantasy boss that I called ULTIMEGA WEAPON, which, in my concept game, would appear ONLY after you have beaten all the other secret bosses, including Ultima and Omega, and you can tell how the conjunction ULTIMEGA came to be. This was a long time ago, and since then, the name just stuck, even though it's not very creative. But at the time, it was the best I had. As for my personality, I'm pretty outgoing as far as the game is concerned. I like to push myself a little bit beyond my limits, and that helps make me a better player. I also don't have much of a life. But it's all good, considering the fact that I'd rather play games all day anyway. I'll do other things every now and then, but I'm mostly online surfing the net and checking out videos and listening to music. Whenever I'm not doing any of those things, I'm either watching TV or just chillin' with my friends. I have a pretty carefree lifestyle. I'm also very friendly and easy to talk to most of the time, but being a somewhat hyperactive individual, I also get frustrated easily sometimes. Not very often, though: It mostly depends on how I'm feeling that day. I'm very approachable in terms of companionship, but not quite ready for a real relationship. That's not to say that I hate girls, and you'll be able to read about that in the section below. I've already mentioned some of my personal hobbies up above, but a few more of them are swimming and rocking out to Heavy Metal and raving to Techno. I also have a Rubik's Cube that I like to solve again and again. And if I'm really in the mood for it, I'll sit down for hours at a time trying to put together jigsaw puzzles, which I used to be good at doing. I'm usually not this outward, though - I mostly keep to myself. But if you want to know more about me, I'd be more than willing to tell you.
My number one interest - and can I make it any more obvious? - is playing FFR, StepMania and DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION. I actually have seven versions of DDR for PS2, from MAX 1 to my most recent addition, DDR X, the sequal to which I am currently still trying to get. I also like to play Guitar Hero a lot, as well as other games like Ultimate Ninja and Kingdom Hearts. I also have a Super Nintendo (which, amazingly, still works, even after nearly 30 years - I wasn't even around when it came out) that I like to play every now and then, as well as a PlayStation 1. My favorite types of games are rythm, fighting, action, racing, adventure/rpgs, classic (Pacman, for example), bullet hell - pretty much anything that interests me right away. I have played Final Fantasy before, and used to have FFX, but sold it to a friend of mine. I still have VIII and IX, though, the latter I have beaten twice, the former I'm still only about halfway through. Putting together all the Nintendo and PlayStation games that I own, I have a total of 55 games. Not that big a collection, but still somewhat impressive. I also enjoy being a ladies' man, since I have a fair number of girlfriends. Most of them don't really talk to me much, but that doesn't really bother me at all. You might not believe this (and many of you won't) but I have a total of 36 girlfriends. (I know what you might be thinking: "There's just no way! You're obviously trippin' on somethin'." If I can get that many girlfriends, so can you.) I'm not just a ladies' man, either: I actually understand what a girl wants from a guy quite well; better than the average Joe. I also like to play hard-to-get sometimes, because a lot of the girls that I've met tend to do the same thing. In other words, I just play it cool. I'm also interested in trying out for a band, or starting a band of my own. I don't really know what you have to do for that, but I'll figure it out eventually. If it ever does happen, I'll be like wow.
Fav Music:
I don't really have a specific favorite. If it has a good beat and a nice tune, I'll listen to it. But I mostly listen to hardcore techno and heavy metal. There are a few genres that I don't like, such as country and soft rock. I don't really get any of that stuff. On another note, I just love, love, LOVE DJ Sharpnel, who happens to be my fav techno artist duo (not many American fans of Sharpnel know that Sharpnel's a duo). Close second would be Yosei Watanabe, a.k.a. m1dy. (I've noticed here on the site that there are no m1dy tracks in the game at all). I also like Technorch, who is an awesome DJ. (Note: I only have two Technorch albums. I'm searching for the others.) I mostly enjoy Japanese Techno/Bubblegum pop, which gets me hyped up in case I'm having a bad day.
Fav Movies:
I don't really watch movies all that much anymore, but I still favor the action flicks where there's a lot of fighting, guns going off - the kill-or-be-killed kind of movies that get your heart racing. I also enjoy watching comedies like Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty (both of which I have seen.) Not much else on this section, really.
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There are a lot of tokens that I want for this game, but I know that there are some that I will never get no matter. However, I CAN look for the ones that I know I CAN get. Once I find out where they are - though other people have ALREADY found them - I will keep the locations to myself.

The first ones I will look for are the latest three tokens. The only hints I have: "Mystery, still a mystery, and how to get these things?" That's all I have to go on. Some people will be able to figure it out right away. Others.... well, take a good guess. Some people are probably looking for them right now, and STILL haven't found them yet.

Wish me luck.
Posted on: December 18, 2014, at 02:02:52pm   [0 comments]

For not being able to play for nearly 3 months, this is so far my best run. Somehow fluked it, but my skills have REALLY suffered.
Posted on: November 25, 2014, at 07:01:43pm   [1 comment]
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MarcusHawkins writes at 9:01:07am on 5/14/16
I really like your Undertale themed page, and Sans is my favorite character!! Great work! :D
Hakulyte writes at 2:17:44pm on 5/13/16
Devilchilly writes at 12:34:27pm on 5/12/16
Not enough Asriels
xXOpkillerXx writes at 8:40:45pm on 4/20/16
When is that ? Gl~
Don't worry I already have planned to beat anyone who sups my score. I've done 1bil+ twice already, once on RATO, I have the advantage of knowing how it goes haha ;)
Sky Kitten writes at 3:27:22pm on 3/22/16
Congrats dude. :) Keep it up!
sweet2kill210 writes at 3:44:54am on 3/22/16
I think you would be fun to play in MP but you are never in MP why are you never in MP? MP.
Shadowcliff writes at 7:45:17pm on 2/27/16
Rapta writes at 1:43:00pm on 12/16/15
I tried to view your profile in school but had to close chrome because of the panty shot x-x
CDCan writes at 5:42:05pm on 12/2/15
250,000 17 hours ago Lost
100,000 17 hours ago Lost
50,000 17 hours ago Lost
25,000 17 hours ago Lost
10,000 23 hours ago Lost
Rapta writes at 10:52:03pm on 11/23/15
The same way you got a AAA on Free Space m8