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Ultimate Mike7 writes at 7:34:17pm on 8/9/20
I'll give them a go for warmup, thanks a bunch! Hopefully i can pull through. I saw you're participating in the ghost tournament, win it in D5 for me! Lol :P
CammyGoesRawr writes at 6:00:50pm on 8/9/20
thanks! (: it's most of my favorite colors and the stars at the top remind me of sitting outside stargazing or something.
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 6:13:02pm on 8/8/20
I'll try my best! Unfortunately due to my hand layout, 14 23 jumptrills are very uncomfortable for me and it's littered throughout the whole file. Unlucky for me but i'll see what i can do! Also likewise on the D7 scores too, your Epsilon score is nutty! I wish the difficulty curve went up rather than halted and was on line with D7s curve too lol it's tough!
awein999 writes at 5:01:48pm on 8/8/20
thanks! split trills are a strength of mine kinda lucky with the file! but ya derust has happened just enough every week it seems
blitz66 writes at 8:54:40pm on 8/7/20
Tyvm I love the Sanji as well <3
ifeelit writes at 12:06:29pm on 8/6/20
whats your discord bro
OcarinaBoi writes at 1:10:27am on 8/1/20
right back at ya! mob psycho 100 is one of my favorites :333
Hakulyte writes at 9:40:44pm on 7/30/20
It's probably my last round unless everyone below me mindblock the chart tbh.
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 4:12:34pm on 7/30/20
Haha likewise! You got some gnarly 100+ scores like your Violent Arcade that i can't even touch! I'll do my best to keep up :P
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 9:46:49pm on 7/29/20
Thanks a million! I was quite saddened to see that you weren't able to clutch it out on Looming. This round might be tough for me but i hope to make it out and try to win this tournament in your honor!