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Dinglesberry writes at 11:54:34pm on 9/10/17
rip mah nigga sanji :(
Dinglesberry writes at 9:28:01am on 8/18/17
damn you seem interesting ;p
ifeelit writes at 11:50:42am on 8/11/17
I wanna steal your ''interests'' idea haha
DissonantMuse writes at 9:05:27pm on 8/4/17
Thanks, yeah that was a pretty lucky run. Did some tier point grinding the other day and got a handful of improvements boosting my rank a bit. I always get skillboosts in short bursts lol.
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 11:47:55pm on 7/31/17
I'm really close to having an extra tier point from AAAs, I never really focused on Token songs, but I've been starting to catch up on those AAAs too
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 12:12:17am on 7/28/17
Congrats on 500 TP! I think that's my next long term goal - that or 1000 AAAs
sonicdeadpool23 writes at 9:17:20am on 7/27/17
Not yet.
sonicdeadpool23 writes at 1:35:41pm on 7/26/17
How are ya?
DissonantMuse writes at 12:46:40pm on 7/26/17
Yo man, congrats on 600 public AAAs!
Snupeh writes at 3:38:07pm on 7/25/17