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Xeraphus writes at 11:45:27pm on 2/18/19
yeah, i recently changed from red/blue to pink/blue column colors and i just started making monster scores cause i was able to read better
hopefully i keep pushing and make it to top 100 soon
MikeShinoda12345 writes at 10:40:49pm on 2/18/19
Don't want to keep spamming FFR Scores with compliments on your scores, but Rengoku is great. You're riding a hell of a skilljump, really really nice
Xeraphus writes at 7:01:13pm on 2/18/19
i'm right behind you my friend, #203 to #185 in 1 session today!
Xeraphus writes at 4:04:26pm on 2/14/19
wait you're actually going insane, rank 177 now
Psychotik writes at 2:08:47pm on 2/14/19
Ye thanks a bunch.
SK8R43 writes at 5:23:27pm on 2/13/19
Why thank you! Ive gotten so many damn close calls but could never grasp it. So glad i finally did. I think it was pretty overdue haha. But nice jump from an 83 aaa to an 86.
SmexxxyBeast writes at 11:19:35am on 2/12/19
damn bruh you're catchin up fast :P
Godnick writes at 1:43:40am on 2/11/19
Ilikexd's got some insane scores all over the place and brings the fire like I had never seen, this was done years ago too. would be really interested to see what kind of scores that could be generated now.
lol I didn't know you were from OR at first either and later was like, YES!!!!!!!!!! Amazing what can happen in such a timel manner. Thanks a lot for that, seen our recent scores in the FFR Scores thread and was very impressed with that too, can't wait to see what else you got in store for 2019. Have an tremendously awesome year!
Xeraphus writes at 8:25:17pm on 2/10/19
gz on top 200
ima be right there with you soon
Blackskull305 writes at 7:30:40pm on 2/10/19
Grats top 200 you monster