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FirstMaple8 writes at 10:05:59pm on 2/17/20
Long time no see, thanks
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 5:02:06pm on 2/14/20
Thanks a bunch! I went in as the underdog so it's nice to be making some plays and i don't plan to stop lol. Hope to see you do well too!
Hakulyte writes at 11:54:59pm on 12/9/19
You can AAA every 1-89, maybe even 90s and it won't do a thing to FFR Ranks I think. Can also play 100+ if you don't think you'll get AAA equiv above 90 on them. -shrugs-
Rapta writes at 9:46:50pm on 12/9/19
Thanks~ I love having at least one particularly tricky bit in my files.
melonpapes writes at 2:30:10pm on 12/9/19
thankies sir
Hakulyte writes at 4:53:00pm on 12/8/19
gratz! Let's see if you can make it to D7.
Matthia writes at 7:33:51pm on 12/2/19
Feels great :D
ifeelit writes at 1:47:26am on 12/2/19
nice stats
Antori writes at 4:12:38pm on 11/25/19
dibs on your #3 BOI gimme gimme
Andrew WCY writes at 7:14:02pm on 11/8/19
Hahaha, I was right to think someone would say that to me! I hope I could still remain in D7 when Cest What's difficulty rating gets readjusted.