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I'm just here for shits and giggles. and to randomly improve scores.
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komochii writes...
at 2:57:16pm on 7/18/18
nub xd
Blackskull305 writes...
at 11:01:00pm on 7/8/18
Frederick von Dickens; my hero! That guy couldn't keep a straight face haha
xXOpkillerXx writes...
at 3:04:14pm on 7/4/18
Ok your post made me laugh. +1 to you
QueenAshy writes...
at 8:22:39pm on 7/3/18
R.I.P my cute fish avatar
komochii writes...
at 4:08:28pm on 7/3/18
tell me about it, im always deleting my accounts and making new ones l0l
komochii writes...
at 3:55:35pm on 7/3/18
my boy u must re-find why u love arrow again and the answer isn't levels/scores its going as fast as u possibly can to cool ass songs u like, nvr forget
ccg1997 writes...
at 9:21:10pm on 6/18/18
Wowza! Hello fellow Oregonian.
-Blue7- writes...
at 5:03:54pm on 4/27/18
ifeelit writes...
at 7:31:17pm on 3/29/18
smoke weed everyday
Blackskull305 writes...
at 12:17:18am on 3/17/18
Congrats on d6 you monster!!
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