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Pizza69 writes at 4:25:22am on 10/29/20
yooo thanks my dude, with you and mike we got the gang all in d7, glgl~
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 8:22:23pm on 10/28/20
Haha hell yeah thanks man! I was hoping i would get put into D7 as well, kinda wack having a 89 first round and its such nerves bait for me XD cannot improve for the life of me. Hopefully because it's round 1 we can skid by hehe. Best of luck in the tournament as well! Lets us newcomers show the rest of D7 what we're made of! First D7 OT for the both of us!
Cryolien writes at 8:19:15pm on 10/27/20
thanks m8, i for sure can push for that 100 equiv in the future
Blackskull305 writes at 4:42:30pm on 10/20/20
Holy smokes, those Finixe and [line:epsilon] scores are outta' this world :o
SoFast writes at 10:56:58am on 9/26/20
ULTIMEGA writes at 8:24:04pm on 9/17/20
Just play 40 songs a day. That's I got it.
Cryolien writes at 4:37:29am on 8/26/20
for sure, m8, just hope i won't get completely decimated in round 1 lol
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 2:30:00am on 8/26/20
Haha thanks man! I could've probably improved it if i really wanted to try but 4,1,0,2 would've been a fair challenge to beat lol. I see you're already making a storm in D7 with your gnarly semi's and finals scores both in D7 and D8! Keep it up!
Snupeh writes at 7:57:40am on 8/24/20
Congrats on D7 :)
ULTIMEGA writes at 12:09:45am on 8/22/20
We D7, boy!