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Godnick writes at 5:32:43am on 3/22/20
Lol thanks for that! The jacks are a little quick but the file's pretty smooth like simple roll bursts between the jacks, just gotta try to power through the densest sections in time. That violent arcade and rengoku scores you recently got are unbelievable! It's really enjoyable and satisfying watching you play that oldschool-style set up! Not sure how you can read the steps like that so accurately. Any one of these days has gotta be the day that you get a legendary score, like dang that is close. Gotta see maybe you can knock a good or 2 off of some of those top scores, know for sure you can rake in some new ones. You are super great at nailing fast bursty stuff. Wishing you the best of luck on future scores!
ilikexd writes at 5:50:05pm on 2/20/20
thank you
FirstMaple8 writes at 10:05:59pm on 2/17/20
Long time no see, thanks
Ultimate Mike7 writes at 5:02:06pm on 2/14/20
Thanks a bunch! I went in as the underdog so it's nice to be making some plays and i don't plan to stop lol. Hope to see you do well too!
Hakulyte writes at 11:54:59pm on 12/9/19
You can AAA every 1-89, maybe even 90s and it won't do a thing to FFR Ranks I think. Can also play 100+ if you don't think you'll get AAA equiv above 90 on them. -shrugs-
Rapta writes at 9:46:50pm on 12/9/19
Thanks~ I love having at least one particularly tricky bit in my files.
melonpapes writes at 2:30:10pm on 12/9/19
thankies sir
Hakulyte writes at 4:53:00pm on 12/8/19
gratz! Let's see if you can make it to D7.
Matthia writes at 7:33:51pm on 12/2/19
Feels great :D
ifeelit writes at 1:47:26am on 12/2/19
nice stats