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PrawnSkunk writes at 1:05:11pm on 12/1/18
it's a developer tool we just left in. The song selection menu is capped at 60 fps.
PrawnSkunk writes at 7:00:35pm on 11/30/18
lmao thank you, I'm glad they even let me enter. good luck to you!
FirstMaple8 writes at 9:14:45pm on 8/8/18
FirstMaple8 writes at 3:50:19pm on 8/7/18
1,000,000 fc's :u
SoFast writes at 5:23:25pm on 8/6/18
thanks :)
DDRNSTPMGMX writes at 4:58:55pm on 8/6/18
nice profile pic
-Blue7- writes at 11:24:50am on 6/15/18
son urdoing so well
V-Ormix writes at 2:46:22am on 3/2/17
sick job on undici n_n
V-Ormix writes at 2:50:47pm on 2/18/17
mom is impressed, but she knows her sons got a long way to go beat her scores from her prime >:3