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Drayk writes at 7:55:41pm on 4/11/19
Andrew, that's one solid dream that I respect -- make sure to make it a reality :D
Andrew WCY writes at 7:35:37pm on 4/11/19
Q: What's your ultimate goal in life? ;)
A: My ultimate goal in life is to make at least one significant technological contribution to society. I feel that I need to do something meaningful when I'm still alive.
Drayk writes at 3:01:23pm on 4/11/19
Haha thanks my dude - I'm obsessed! :D So, thanks for all you do to make this game awesome hehe :3 And TY about Cruel Whole, jacks are my thang :P
PrawnSkunk writes at 2:58:36pm on 4/11/19
Thanks drayk, I couldn't agree more! :) Your grandtotal is actually insane for only being here a month, and I'm very jealous of how well you can score on cruel whole v2. Keep up the hard work!
Drayk writes at 4:17:20pm on 4/1/19
Next level dude haha nice!! :D
ThatGye writes at 12:13:41pm on 4/1/19