SotY 2009! Take me back 5 years!

Song of the Year took a break in 2008, because we didn’t have anything awesome enough for it.  There were rumors of Mario or TMWT…  but it all came and passed.  And now it is 2009.  And we have SotY again!  We’re going to party like it’s 2004!

The full name of the song is OSTER Project presents World Tour 2004.  Seeing as how that is both a mouthful and redundant, I labeled it simply “World Tour 2004″.  Artist is, of course, OSTER Project.

Now, why does this song classify for SotY?  Because each one of us can relate to it.  The song hits music from all over the world.  It also happens to be the longest song in FFR and the song with the most notes.  A AAA on this will net you over 6 million points!  It is 8:38 and 3940 of goodness by behanjc.  It’s FMO for some jacks and length and PAing 24th jumpstream…  but it’s not TOO bad.

How can you play this, you ask?  All you need is 20,009 credits and you’ll find it at the top of page 3 of Secret.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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  1. Ah man, gotta sit down to play this long song. XD Will be a FC to remember. :)

  2. I’m glad I don’t have credits. I’m not playing 8 minutes of behanjc OSTER Project.

  3. Anyone wanna lend me like 17k? XD

  4. 4th!

  5. Hey I called it :)
    Will go play it right now, quite excited :D

  6. Awesome file, thanks for making it cheap also, thankfully I have enough to play it :D
    Happy New Years FFR :D

  7. Also please add more secret files under 100k credits just like this one.

  8. woot

  9. Should change name to “Around the World in 8 Minutes”.

  10. Just got 3 goods, but the score didn’t record

    Is this really an FMO though? it seems like it might be a high VC, most of the song isn’t fast.

  11. I have 20,009 credits playing it after i eat my fried chicken

  12. apparently we found a bug with scores over 6 million not recording… working on fixing it ASAP.

  13. Wow lol, that sucks.

  14. OF COURSE i don’t have 20k credits =[ DAMN GAMBLING

  15. i still can’t believe you can sit through 8 1/2 minutes of that. i saw zeroskill and sprite play it and i got bored

  16. My score didn’t record also. Hope it’s fixed.

    Will it automatically go in after the bug is fixed?

    Here’s the SS: http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/9556/worldtourfcko2.png

  17. 8 minutes of behanjc? I’m so screwed. >_<

  18. 6 million bug fixed. :)

  19. sounds like fun but i have near 200 credits, will go for it later ^_^

  20. Damn tass I didn’t know your new years job was bug extermination :O

  21. WOOT for having over 130k creds!

  22. I bet I could sit 8 and a half minutes on this. I already have on some other finger game like FFR.

  23. Country part and french part wrecked me :(

  24. Wait, THIS got voted song of the YEAR?

  25. I can’t focus this long. Seriously. I can’t even FC it.

  26. Expecting some good **** coming from behanjc. Will play it when I know I’ll have 8 minutes without distractions.

  27. 2009 credits wouldve been better, o well

  28. Tass fix the 7 million score bug now, before you run into it later. ;]

  29. I don’t think this song got VOTED SoTY, I think it was chosen, Zybanthia.

  30. Anyone wanna donate to me? :D

    You’ll get eternal love in return.

  31. 2,009 credits, would’ve fit better. With both users and logic.

  32. yeah, great. Another song to FC for HWG.

  33. Yeah, 20k? That’s just brilliant. Screw off, purchased.

  34. did I miss 18,000 years or something?

    Come on, behan, couldn’t you have squeezed in 60 arrows somewhere? 4,000 would have been epic. I’m excited to play it!

  35. Instead of “not TOO bad,” you should say “not TOO hard.”
    Calling someone’s hard work “bad” is not nice at all. I’m sure you didn’t mean to word it like that, but it definitely sounds mean.

  36. Just realized it’s not purchased, but Secret. Thank god<3 But 20k is still stupid.

  37. foil, that makes sense. Also, Tass was saying the difficulty was too bad, not the steps themselves, so “bad” wasn’t a measure of quality. Tass is much more tactful than some people – myself included.

  38. *Tass was saying the difficulty wasN’T too bad.
    Anyway, you get what I’m saying.

  39. I agree with Kidthong (For once… wow)

  40. I agree with him too.

  41. make it 2009 credits plx :p

  42. Naw you guys then it would be too close to MAX and that’s just dumb.

  43. god i would’ve cut that into like 3 different files

  44. max forever is already 2006 credits. i didn’t want to re-do the same thing, hence 20,009. plus, more incentive to work for 20k credits. something like that.

    as for the bad vs hard… my statement should make it clear that i’m saying the difficulty is not too bad, aka, it’s not a really hard FMO. if it was 3 minutes long, it probably would be a VC. the length is a large factor in the difficulty, but also the 2 2-framers and 40 3-framers.

  45. i think the file isnt that bad. it should remain a FMO but its a low one IMO but being so long and having so many notes does play a great part in its difficulty rating.

  46. FC’d! It’s not THAT hard. You just have to be able to handle the length.

  47. that’s what she said.

  48. lol owned by Tass

    But really, I have no idea how I’m going to play such a long song without having to stop to wipe my dry eyes or something.

  49. epic

  50. lol epic win

  51. wow this is f*cking unbelieveable lol can someone send me 3k lol

  52. OMG sounds so fun, I just about got FFLBF the other day and I was happy but this combo would be like wow !

  53. FINALLY! Thank you Tass. :D

  54. psh3?

  55. lol sightread :)

  56. Why was this SotY? It wasn’t that good of a song.

  57. Well, it was pretty easy (20-0-0-6 Sightread) aside from the fact that I HAD to FC it first run, because it was SO DANG LONG. I would have cut that into at least 3 pieces. Wow.

  58. “… and 3940 of goodness”
    Don’t you mean 3940 arrows? Just caught that.

    I’m 10.009k credits away from getting this song.

  59. Good luck AAA’ing this

  60. so yeah. that song is long. i kinda zoned out after 6 minutes.

  61. Try playing the full version of The Games We Played.

  62. 20090 credits fit better imo

  63. Agreed with jx.

  64. That was a really fun file. I was expecting it to be way harder since it was 8 minutes straight of FMO goodness. Great pick for SotY.

  65. I’m really, really sorry about complaining.
    I was having a bad day.

    Anybody want to lend me 15k credits?

  66. wasnt the photo scavenger hunt supposed to be this week?

  67. happy new year everyone

  68. ew… their like the japanese gorillaz

  69. God, that song is a hard FMO for me, some parts of it screw my indexing up. I really want the FC but my arms hurt too much so I will just try again later!

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