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I'm a proud United States Marine, and because of that I cant get on here much. If I do get the time to get on I'm just playing for fun. Still not very good but, I don't really care. Its cheap entertainment and I get to talk to all of you awesome people that I am fighting to protect. Enjoy your day and your freedom.
Cars and anything mechanical, Driving entirely too fast, FFR, Guitar hero, Swimming, and Going to the gym.
Fav Music:
S.O.A.D. Korn, Metallica, Seether, Three Days Grace, Rehab, Godsmack, 311, The prodigy, Rammstein, and many others
Fav Movies:
40 year old virgin, aqua teen hunger force movie, Little Nickey, The blade movies, and Iron Man.
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Posted on: January 12, 2009, at 12:42:42am   [0 comments]
160 fc's hmm. I think I need a new hobby.

Hell Yeah
Posted on: October 29, 2008, at 09:49:15pm   [0 comments]
Just got my 100th full combo. That seems like a simple task to most of you out there but, it took me a long ass time. So I'm happy.

Comment wall
TSB_f33nux writes...
at 5:19:40pm on 11/1/10
im still winning
Begonia_and_Yew writes...
at 12:39:21pm on 4/3/09
Hi! Guess what!? Oh wait, never mind... I forgot... :"P
tcman10 writes...
at 12:18:31pm on 11/6/08
it must really suck out there well your doing a good thing so and hopefully you guys will be coming home
TrueBOSS writes...
at 7:31:42pm on 11/2/08
Hey, were you able to do anything fun on Halloween?
tcman10 writes...
at 11:25:05am on 11/2/08
same here
so how was your halloween
TrueBOSS writes...
at 7:14:04pm on 11/1/08
Hey, what's up?
tcman10 writes...
at 5:26:24pm on 11/1/08
hey friend whats up
TrueBOSS writes...
at 2:35:17pm on 10/31/08
I don't have any one I know in the marines but I do have a good friend that is in the air force and my step dad is in the army (and he has been to Iraq 4 TIMES!). So I have small idea of how rough things can get. Hope thing's go well for ya!
dragon890x writes...
at 9:26:26am on 10/31/08
Stuck in Fort Leonard Wood waiting for my Airborne slot to open up.
dragon890x writes...
at 7:59:48am on 10/31/08
I have friends in the marines. How's life?
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