Bonus Contest!!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 1st, 2012


Bonus Contest!!
As an added bonus to you April Fool mashers we have a few special files that will be added to the game temporarily from some of our staff members, along with an extra contest to try and grab yourself your choice of the 4 tokens on offer in the existing contest!

Ochitsukeruwakenaiwayo! [Super] by Yuuyu (jimerax) (Happy) / 41 / 1:35 Nyan Cat by MomomomoP (Xx{Midnight}xX) (Happy) / 41 / ny:an
(both songs can be found at the top of dance)

The contest:
Load up the Velocity engine, and see how big of a combo you can rack up on Nyan Cat. Upload the screenshot to imgur and post the link in the comments of this post. (note: file only works in the Velocity engine)

*Entries close at midnight server time on the 7th of April*

Have a nyan day ;)

~nois-or-e, jimerax & Velocity

69 Responses to “Bonus Contest!!”

  1. first \o/

  2. second \o/

  3. Is there a pun with the fact the contest ends at midnight?

  4. brb changing to 11:59pm ;D



  6. ~5400 combo here we come

  7. xDDD my fingers typed the front page post, not my ass. Silly americans~

  8. ~happy songs for happy days~
    even nyan cat is happy

  9. damnit i’m watching toonami :(

  10. rank 2 with shitty score, for playing for 16 mins..

  11. Could have at least attempted to sync and find a good mp3 of nyan cat, cripes.

  12. my nyancat song dosent replay, the arrows stop comming after 1 cycle :(

  13. Combo blows, but first person to hit 1 million raw score in 1 song. Played for 48 minutes. GOD DAMN IT.

  14. nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanya

  15. Could have at least attempted to sync, make the file decent, and use a good mp3 for Nyan Cat…

  16. crappy combo is crappy lasted 3.5 minutes


  17. What in blazes is going on here?!

  18. http://i.imgur.com/im88f.jpg almost 17m, I win.

  19. Load up the Velocity engine, and see how big of a COMBO you can rack up on Nyan Cat.

  20. Fell in love with the super file :D Felt like i was playing stepmania


  22. rofl I steppe- er.. copypasted a 15-minute long loop of nyan cat for stepmania last year that went completely overlooked. It’s way easier than the one in FFR right now because there aren’t nearly as many minijacks.. I’m rather impressed I bothered with any kind of sync, honestly.

    Well if you want it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wrezva

  23. inb4 Hero AAA-es it.

  24. Nice nyan art

  25. Started laughing a bit too much when I started playing nyan-cat…

  26. This song crashes my standalone =(

  27. That picture will haunt my dreams forever now

  28. I love how you guys assumed I was dumb enough to not sync it.

    The sync issue isn’t from my end. I’m not that dumb guys.

  29. HA still beating you wartime! =D

  30. You guys do know that you’re supposed to get COMBO instead of perfects, right? lol

  31. ^^ thats what I thought.
    Zyphoror is still winning.

  32. I didn’t realize we were supposed to get a combo. I just spent a whole damn HOUR playing a song on mute while watching a movie on youtube to find out that I wasn’t even doing it right. I would’ve focused more on my combo if I’d known it was for the combo in the first place! Damn me and not reading things. http://i.imgur.com/ACPzE.png

  33. Nyan cat…


  34. Ok, that failed hard.

  35. TK_Unreal’s score is truly unreal, holy shit lmfao

  36. also i know we’re suppose to get combo.. lmao

  37. Zyphoror wins….

  38. Is it supposed to freeze then start playing, once the nyan song is about to loop freeze again then start playing again, etc?

  39. Nope. It’s supposed to continuously loop without any freezing.

  40. Well it has freezing issues for me right as it starts and right whenever it’s about to loop. Using the Velocity engine (Since it said it was required) and all.

  41. Same issues as UNGH here. Everytime it finished a loop it stutters and freezes for a second before beginning the next one. A tad annoying, although managable I spooooose. Also, this doesn’t work on Velocity Standalone? D: Lags like a beast inbrowser.

  42. Froze for me also. Doesn’t matter though, my combo was 28 :P Minijacks *shakes fist*

  43. last \o/

  44. It’s Nyan Cat’s Birthday!
    Tell him happy b-day!

  45. I lagged 4 major times during the time I combo’d. NYAN.


  46. I’ve failed twice in this thread.


  47. I played for 15 minutes. Combo is only 44 :(
    Raw:200,645, Total:2,032,420

  48. gg, Zyphoror. I don’t know how you stay focused with all of the nyan. Dx


  49. whoops, forgot it ends at midnight SERVER time, not eastern time.

  50. lol there goes my rank 1 for combo, gg OWA you win

  51. This might have been the most difficult time I’ve had getting through a song.

  52. shit…I was supposed to post this here wasn’t I ~_~

  53. I would notice a minute after the contest finished lmfao

  54. grrr…I’ll understand if this doesn’t count since it’s technically late ~_~

  55. but timestamp is April 7th so plz have mercy (jk I don’t really care unless the prize is something super cool that I don’t have)

  56. Rob: being that it was late and the prize is just a token that you already possess, I’m gonna pass it down to the person below you. Hit me up on Skype if that is unsatisfactory~

  57. 69th wooooooo

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