Leaving Your Brain In A Blur – Token #25

Posted in Tokens on September 16th, 2007

Hey guys. Chardish here – it’s been a while, but we’ve got a new non-skill FFR Token for you guys. Because it’s been a while since the last token, we’re not going to make this an easy song…or an easy token…

Gaussian Blur is the 1st in the GB series by former FFRer Kil. It’s the most well known of the 3 Gaussian Blur’s, despite being the last of the 3 to be added. It is almost definitely the hardest of the 3. The stepfile is quite unique and different compared to the well known Stepmania files. File is by Rebirth, so you know it’s good. It’s a high For Masters Only, with almost 120 4-framers in 1000 notes, well over 200BPM, 1-handed trills, jumpstream, and 32nd rolls. This file and song is well worth the effort.

The token puzzle was derived from a series of crumpled notes we found in some books about FFR tokens in an old library. You’d be surprised how many dusty old books about FFR tokens there are if you look hard enough. Anyway, we think that some old researchers had found clues leading to a token…and we followed the instructions, and sure enough, the token was right there on our website, where the clues had led. We did not choose to put the token there – the tokens are objects of power and mystery, and they have wills of their own.

Anyway. Here’s the clues we found…

Clue 1
Clue 2
Clue 3
Clue 4
Clue 5

Solve those clues, and you should get a 37-digit number. Put that number into this URL:


And the token is yours. Whenever we find more of these super-secret mystery tokens, we’ll let you know. They’re not easy to find.

Chardish, Tasselfoot, and Quaint & Curious Volumes of Forgotten Lore

*Note from JasonKey* – Obviously, since yesterday Synth invited all your delicate FFR types to troll his profile, we figured today we would follow suit and make this a troll token of sorts. Have fun and good luck!

347 Responses to “Leaving Your Brain In A Blur – Token #25”

  1. woot

  2. 2

  3. 2nd

  4. oh WOW!

  5. yeah baby!!!

  6. wow

  7. woot.

  8. OMG token???

  9. i give up.

  10. OMFG

  11. 37 didget number. That’s sexy.

  12. What in the $%^*$!

  13. Oy, this should be fun…

  14. Oh my god!

  15. This is confusing.

  16. I’m lost. lol

  17. Omg.. this is gonna be so hard

  18. i think i figured it now just have to actually do it

    (figured the clues out)

  19. Gaussian Blur, huh? Hmm, I thought GB3 was hard enough…. and what’s this about “you know it’s good ’cause it’s Rebirth”, a 5-year-old elephant can step better than Rebirth.

    Anyway, time to start looking for that token.

  20. WTFF

  21. shit i only remember about 1-4 in chinese i never thought i would actually need to remember the symbols
    damn it

  22. *head explodes*

  23. yay

  24. I hate you.

  25. :(

  26. K I have no idea what to do. o_o

  27. hey the links for tass and chardish are messed up theres no .com

  28. hmmm

  29. Why are all the pictures blurry ffs, uggh I’ll have better luck just guessing.
    0000000000000000000000000000000000000.. .1000000000000000000000000000000000000…
    2000000000000000000000000000000000000.. .3000000000000000000000000000000000000…

  30. its in asianese

  31. ive got 25 of the i dont know where the other 12 are

  32. Make an FFR ARG next

  33. i cant solve any

  34. I have 34 of the numbers.. but can’t find the last 3.. >_>

  35. How are you people understanding this?!

  36. im too stupid to figure this out

  37. do you? are you SURE? lol.

  38. Wow, I got REALLY scared when i read the “To find the token, you can’t be afraid to leave your home.”

  39. I agree with verra lol.

  40. I just go to game from the URL, am I doing something wrong?

  41. This is toooooooooo much for a token song =(. I think ill wait for someone to post a video of the stepfile and make it myself.

  42. this hssall be fun bwhahaha

  43. i cant get the last few numbers
    i have the majority of it tho

  44. this is too hard!

  45. i doubt that anyone who thinks they have most actually does.

  46. VALLEY IS 3!!!

  47. i have the key to the numbers on clue 3 but i need where the others come from….

  48. i cant figure the first clue can anyone explain the clue in different words?

    also is it dream?? thats really bugging me

  49. hmmm the clues are aweful poems :S

  50. I think someone just found it. The found count went from 4 to 5. =O

  51. i will just wait and see if they are messing around with us

  52. y would they do that?

  53. Ayvoήστε τα αλματα



  56. woods= 1
    the town= 2
    valley= 3

  57. lmao I understand all the foreign language stuff but I still can’t get it. So much for like 2 minutes of trying.

  58. damn what the hell.. i dont really have the knowledge for this kind of stuff.. Tass give us a break!

  59. this is a gay token imo.

  60. It’s official…
    They’re trying to kill us slowly
    Uh btw..NO IDEA WTF IS GOING ON. kthx.

  61. sdlfjlsdfhksdhkfwfws i give up for the 3rd time.

  62. Ayvoήστε τα αλματα= greek??

  63. Ayvoήστε τα αλματα makes no sense :/

  64. WTF?

  65. awesome!


  67. this is…intense.

  68. I don’t understand the Greek part of the clue.. -crumples the paper and throws it away-

  69. im guessing that you count the letters of the word

    Ayvoήστε τα αλματα

    I dont know, i’m lost XD

  70. Hmmmm. I doubt that all of the clues have a point. Maybe some of them are just a distraction I don’t know. I’m concentration on 2 and 4 for now. That should help out alot.

  71. guys…. remember. no discussing tokens on the site.

    perhaps you all could work together on an AIM chat or something?

  72. I’m not even gonna bother. This is an extremely hard token :/. I’m just gonna wait until someone finds it.

  73. oh my gosh!!! ok i got the chinese lets and everythign down this is so tedious for a damn token!!

  74. ugh, clue 1 doesn’t like me.

  75. Oh and btw..

    You forgot the “0″ in Rebirth’s name..

  76. dfzkljhdfgsljkhsdfgklhj sdgf hjk sdfgbhjk sdfvchjkdfg

    clue 3 damn it its retarded i cant figure it

  77. WTF OMG! so friggen confusing!!!

  78. Actually what tass said about the aim chatroom would be a good idea.

    Someone make a chatroom and we can put our numbers together in some way.

  79. i got all the japanese numbers, and translated half the greek thing but now im stuck,

  80. 5 people have found it already!! my gosh..

  81. there Chinese numbers genius!

  82. No. The 5 people are admins. Actually, 4 are, 1 person is unconfirmed.

  83. the 5 people are probably admins

  84. Oh my gosh im killing myself this is soooo hard!!

  85. sorry thats what i ment

  86. chardish tass nestle and synth…and who else

  87. aim chatroom= ffrtoken

  88. the 5 people are me, chardish, kwik, jason, and xelius. nobody’s found it.

  89. AIM Chatroom created. Join ffrtoken25. I’ll be idle for a few minutes (eating).

  90. Where are you getting these pictures from. Lmao.

  91. wtf??

  92. Hmmmm. Greek, chinese, song lyrics? I think you guys are working a bit too hard on this. But it’s not my place to say. Nice riddle to keep me occupied.

  93. Oh and I’m getting the game page when I….Oh I get it now… Wait, is the URL supposed to take us to the game page?

  94. My comment is awaiting moderation…yea..i get excited..lol…sorry!!

  95. OMG… too difficult. =/


  97. It’s hard.

  98. why is this so difficult!!! omg i got a headache.

  99. 100th!

  100. i dont get how im supposed to turn words into numbers D;

  101. i r confused “/

  102. i thought i had it. =-[

  103. I got 34 numbers =(

  104. surrrreeeeeeeeeee

  105. Nice Hecto, I got 34 numbers too, but I doubt they’re

  106. its so confusing cuz u ahve like all these numbers and no clue as to the order of them.

  107. how you guys get the numbers?

  108. I’m pretty sure I have 25/37.

  109. oh my gosh, i give up, ill try again in the morning.

  110. Ignore The Jumps

  111. clue 1 = lyrics to FFR song?

  112. 31 Perfect

    42 Miss

    4 Combo

    8030 Total

    1130 Score

  113. @ freakysnots… I got avoid the jumps.. and then decieve the jumps…

  114. im close i can feel it lol

  115. wth what does this all mean is this even possable!?!?!?

  116. asdfkjhfsdakjl
    clue 3

    any one wanna help me with that?

  117. I got the 25 Japanese numbers.

    Now.. Ingore A’lmma? What is that?

  118. an instant messneger

  119. Got ya.

  120. someone got it -_-

  121. so knowing that chardish made these clues helps with number one. I now know what all of the clues mean (possibly don’t have the last but I think that that’s pretty straightforward), just got to put them together or something.

  122. this is interesting, although i have a feeling i wont get it, still trying, clue 1 im lost on, i understand clue 2, clue 3 im lost on, clue 4 i got, clue 5 im lost on


  123. Somebody got it already? Impossible. Must be like.. Supercomputered and went to every one until the token popped up.. Or just a supergenius.

  124. That “Someone” is Rubix.

  125. Oh. Rubix. That explains it.

  126. Mr Rubix got it first! BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA.

  127. MrRubix got it.

    Bitch :( .

  128. rubix that bastard lol why does he have to be so good at everything?

  129. well, i guess it makes sense that he got it, he’s like god with numbers D:

  130. 35 numbers now if i can only figure out the other 2….i got all the clues but there are still two numbers that confuse me it doesnt make sense tho

  131. 1. STOP POSTING ABOUT THE RIDDLE HERE. You aren’t allowed to give hints to tokens on the site. Even if your hint is wrong or you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. Rubix got it 100% legitimately. He was talking to me on AIM the entire time he was solving it. So hate him even more if you want… but he most certainly did not cheat at this. He’s smart.

  132. gahhhhh rubix.

    AIM me at heyitsme975 IF YOU’RE TRYING HARD trying to get it. I’ll invite you to the very small chatroom currently.

  133. Yes, I’m certain Rubix had a clean find. He knows many different languages.

  134. I figured as soon as rubix was mentioned it was legitamate. He’s extremely smart.

  135. Someone else’s got it.

  136. some one else found it

  137. It be s0ulst0n3

  138. if anyone gots yahoo add me ow_momoney we can work together to find it

  139. Geniuses all of you.

  140. I wonder if instead of putting 37 numbers into the link could actually be made to putting 37 letters into it, such as: thistokenisnotanormaltokenthisisparta (nah I know it wont, but that doesnt mean I wont try it none-the-less for this one example :) )

  141. *Gives up again*
    time to watch tv for 3 hours and fall asleep.

    ugh school sucks….

  142. woh 142 and i was number 2 woot

  143. greek? japanese? maps? im confused, i got 37 numbers but i dont have it. booooo i have to start over =(

  144. ger!!! this makes me mad!!! i have 2 extra numbers!

  145. ok AIM = phreq77
    I gotz the Japanese #s but I can’t figure out the Greek stuff. plz IM me to compile knowledge

  146. holy shit, this is the hardest token ever…

  147. woot crumpled paper

  148. OH NOES!

  149. ugh i feel so stupid when i know im so close

  150. Who is the ass that leaked it.

  151. That’s fucked up.

  152. 25-37

    getting there…

  153. HA I remember all of these symbols from my friend. She taught me them in 9th grade. Who would have thought I would actually need them at a time like this. XD

  154. greek is confusing me =( 25/37

  155. anyone wants to team up send a message to 17086911300

  156. OHHHH. so I got it leaked from someone else but then as I was lying down to go to bed I finally got how it’s supposed to work. pretty damn clever.

  157. wootne got it

  158. =.= minivill

  159. Me and 7 others were up on aim for 4+ hours solving this (amongst them were smitty, me, tera, and some others lol). Thanks to a certain someone for helping with it (along with rubix for guiding us XD).

    Don’t even bother asking for the location.

  160. lol, I have 38/37 XD, I dun get this riddle.. :(

  161. wowowowowowow, that was, timely to get D:

  162. Done deal =)

  163. woot solved it legit with a nice little vague clue from rubix

  164. Got it. ;D

  165. im happy

  166. i got a 37 digit number…obviously it was wrong…but got 1…wit my own lil work…but yea…the first and last clues…what are they referrin to?=/

  167. I don’t get the 1st clue or the Greek. I think I have 5, but I’m not sure. If anyone is still figuring it out, IM on AIM @: JettaBoy101 around 2 PST later.

  168. “61 Users have found token 25!”

    That’s not even funny. Whoever spread the link around should be banned. I refuse to believe that many people could have found this token so soon.

  169. HOLY %#$%!!!!i was reading the clues at 2 in the morning while home alone during a storm…and right when i finished reading the last one…the power went out and there was alot of uber loud lightning and i heard stuff moving around in my basement….difinetly the scariest thing that has ever happened in my life!!!!
    P.S…..how the hell do you get this token?!?!lol

  170. It’s all pretty straight foward. Clue 3 has me stumped tho.

  171. 3.5 hours to solve this thing. Damn.

  172. this is confusing

  173. oh and i can purposely post as Anonymous.. might want to fix that ;]

  174. greek and chinese…….hmmmmmmm

  175. OH wow thats some token, but i finially
    figured it out :p to bad i can’t solve it
    til im at home so when i get home i can
    finially SOLVE TOKEN 25 :) ))))))))))))))

  176. oh my god. i just figured it out!! yay!!

  177. Woot got it! Aim = cvcbsaboy2 …. maybe if you are my friend or something

  178. lol. I come to this website, 7 people have the token, i go to bed for school, the next morning i check this website again, 74 people have it.

  179. Okay people, it’s not Greek or Chinese.
    It’s Japanese and I don’t know the thing you’re calling greek lol

  180. It’s Greek. XD
    And Japanese. ya.

  181. sunuva Bizzatch

    this token WILL kill me

  182. well i figured out clues 2 and 4 but im completly lost on clues 1, 3 and 5.

  183. I haven’t got time to figure it out now, but the clues seem pretty straight forward…also, ever heard of a dictionary?;P

  184. i get clue 2 and 4

    what is 3 pointing to….

    1 and 5 make no sense

  185. 186th..
    Try your best everyone. ^_^


  186. got it

  187. btw, its greek and chinese, not japanese…

  188. dammn i really hate this token…SOMEONE HELP ME AND RELIEVE THE INSANE PRESSURE OFF MY BRAIN!!!!

  189. im slowly going insane trying to figure this out

  190. its greek dumbass.

  191. Finally! My Gaussian Blur collection shall be complete!

    Time to go figure out how to get it.


  193. does any one here have an msn or hotmail account?

  194. the greek translation help can be found on babelfish

  195. 35/37… i know im onto something!

  196. sharaft lets compare answers

  197. I GOT IT!

    Thanks to a couple of nudges from Mr. Rubix, and a video camera!

  198. Alright, for perfect clarification, Chinese and Japanese numbers written are the same, but not pronounced the same. So they could be either. But since Japanese music is more prevalent on the site, it should be assumed that they are Japanese.

  199. baah… clue 1 is not cooperating with me :(

  200. i got all 37 numbers (well actually Kotarouchan did everything but), its just clue5

  201. I CAN’T DO THIS.

  202. if you need help, pm me on forums

  203. LOL this one was a fun one to get … aim = cvcbsaboy2

  204. Wow.
    That was the most annoying coding.
    Kudos to the creators.
    Now as I go die.

  205. Alright so I got it from a website I won’t name.. But looking at the numbers how the hell would you come to that?

  206. FFS! this is so hard, i got clues 2-4 but 1 and 5 are messing me up!!

  207. I don’t understand the 3rd clue…

  208. Oh my gosh this is hard! I’ve got 25 numbers, but i don’t know what the greek means…

  209. Phew been working on it for about 2 hours now only i’ve got only 34 numbers i just need to figure out the other 3

  210. If you say it was easy, i will personally hack your account. No joke.

  211. If you’re having trouble like me, my AIM is Omnisynopsis. Message me and we can work on it.

  212. aim = dabasilisks for /help/

    Leigh is super happy :}!

  214. Fuck this should of been a evil skill token like 20 goods on OMW. Even I KNOW I can get that kind of PA in a site full of combo whores that can’t PA shit.

  215. I FOUND IT! HOO-RAH?!?!?!?!

  216. Ok not angry no more.

  217. 218

  218. meh dont like the song

  219. Only 25 numbers here, but those were the easy ones…

  220. # Magic_V2 Says:
    September 17th, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Alright so I got it from a website I won’t name.. But looking at the numbers how the hell would you come to that?


  221. 21/37

    Damn. WHAT THE HELL?!

    If you want to get in a group, koga939 on AIM

  222. 4 hours.

    4……. 4 hours…….

    I hate you.

  223. Sorry to whoever was asking for a group. My computer froze and i forgot your name. I suck

  224. this took forever……………….

  225. I got it legit. I swear.

  226. this is the longest thing ever…..

  227. anyone who wants to solve this together aim to zerodragonofsteel@yahoo.com

  228. we got a Aim chat going if anyone would like to help

    IM me at GCgamemaster and I’ll invite you

  229. done…

    you clever ****s

  230. done…

    you clever ****s

    i win

  231. Ez.

    no I jk.

  232. this token is super easy

  233. AIM ME L(zero)ne(2v’s)olf@hotmail.com = l0nevvolf@hotmail.com its my aim

  234. I GOT CLUE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. O crap i might be banned…

  236. For help, again, my AIM name is koga939

  237. T_T had to make it this annoying riddle? :( im dying every second cause of this O_O

    …..=/ off to try and fill the void in my heart that this is causing lol

  238. Hmm… I think I’ll just brute force this.

    Let’s see… 37 digits, 10 possible. So only 10^37 possibilities! Now let’s see… what is that…?

    Oh. Crap.

  239. ^^ got it, very hard token >_

  240. Very very clever.

  241. Got it.. lol

  242. Really close to getting it. Gah.

  243. got it… chea!

  244. Now I have at least 35/37. I’m not sure of the last 2 because I’ve tried every combination between the sets of numbers…

  245. THIS




  246. Someone IM me. Aim: JettaBoy101

  247. how the hell r we supposed to get 37 numbers out of this?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!11waffles?!?!1

  248. Why do 575 people have this token? lol

  249. @ silver Brian:
    The answer is on a website. That’s why so many people have it.

  250. im lost…confused..dont get any of it D: Anyone want to help?

  251. (Sigh)

    I’m stuck. I got what seems to be 25/37, but I really don’t know what order they should go or anything. And I can’t figure out the other clues.

    Maybe I’ll ask my Latin teacher tomorrow about clue 3 :)

    Clue number 3 Ayvoήστε τα αλματα
    AIM me please and tell me what its
    suppose to mean, dark2despair is my AIM

  253. over six HUNDRED ppl have it now

    i just figured out the last 2

  254. @ RB the greek part is spelled wrong so it wont translate right

  255. Finially i figured it out =p
    wow that was something, its hard
    til you understand what its asking

  256. whew got it (thanks to certain people on msn for helping me o.o;) its a fun song too ^_^

  257. Uh. I think I got the 3rd clue. My dad’s friend speaks Greek. I hope that is greek.

  258. 1 whole day and still dont understand ANY clue… im dumb

  259. Sorry people my mom didnt turn the power off. 750+ PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

  260. i need help with 1, 3, 5.
    IM on myspace. my name is jumbalia king.

  261. ……………. *five thousand headaches later*


  262. D*** I found that website that the token is on. What idiots, giving that stuff away after people who actually got it spent so much time. Anyway, I was clicking the token to get more info and it brought me to the token link. I actually want to try to figure this out so could you guys remove the token from my profile plz?

  263. ummm in chinese if thats supposed to be an eight… cuz thats not a number….

  264. Finally @_@ after several long hours ((and many phone call’s and meeting in the mall with a few friends)) I’ve figured it out!!

  265. @ xinpig

    Yeah, I asked my latin teacher today and he couldn’t translate the last word. So… I’m still lost.

  266. does any one know how to get clue 1?

  267. any luck guys? ha!

  268. dang too hard

  269. nvm got it he he

  270. Clue #4 is in chinese, and I can read it…

  271. all you need is #2 and # 4 if you can read Chinese

  272. Three days already!!! What is the number for this stupid token?!?!

  273. # Destroying One Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    all you need is #2 and # 4 if you can read Chinese


  274. #2 and #4 are the only ones I could get (I hope). #1 and #5 are just… words. #3 I don’t understand at all.

    I need help…

  275. Everyone who has the token should have to PROVE that they solved it the proper way. Whoever leaked this deserves a ban.

  276. I’ve played Gaussian on SM, and it is a bitch to beat… please don’t make it *that hard* :O

  277. I’ve only got 25/37 so far I am still working on the greek part but oh well, time will take it’s toll.

  278. its not too hard to beat, hard to get a big combo on though

  279. No Greek translators online understand clue 3. :(

  280. the greek thing is spelled wrong on here thats why the first part doesnt work. the first word is avoid in greek. sorry to spoil it but the writing is hard to read

  281. ouch. that song is a pain! I got it. ouch.

  282. Ehh…This really makes me wonder what my IQ really is…

  283. hahaha! First try..no help.
    PS: I love all the people saying something along the lines of “Oh noes, I dun get it..OMGOMGOMG..etc.

  284. WTF i got the # the link brings me to the game!!!!

  285. I feel like I have no life trying to solve this thing. Which I don’t anyways, so might as well try.

  286. …. i shouldn’t speak

  287. UG this token is hard -_- i cant get it.

  288. …. The Hell…?

  289. Holy crap….


  291. agh…it’s hard

  292. I think i might have it figured

  293. Yes!!! Just got it!!! LEGITIMATELY!!!

  294. Alright guy. This is just mean. You say it’s easy but give us Icelandic text and Chinese number systems, with a map of no importance and a line of bad poetry. WTF!?

  295. wowowowowoowowoowoowowowowoowow

  296. I can’t get it :P

  297. Bah

  298. damnit i dont get clue 1 and 5.

  299. My god…the first time I’ve ever actually wanted a token song, AND I CAN’T GET IT!!!!!

  300. how do i get this token lol

  301. I am still trying to figure this out….


  302. lol got it!

  303. anybody have answers to the clues?????

  304. click on the second hyper link

  305. like yes I get it now. :3

  306. Man sheesh chinese…

  307. ok I was able to solve most tokens(and had to cheat on 1 because the link was broken in the clue) but this is ridiculous…I’ll solve this another day.

  308. Everyone! Look closely. Then you’ll find something.

  309. Everyone! Look closely. Then you’ll find something. LOL

  310. woot!!! found it!! XD man that was a hard one to figure out

  311. wish i could tell you all what the greek meant. According to my translations, you might want to think a little harder about jumpstreams.

  312. who cares if it’s spelt wrong. Who cares about jumpstreams. According to how you spelt it, someone could still distinct what it meant. I’m part greek. So that’s a scratch.

  313. Forget it!!! Everyone should stop with this!!! just listen to the song!

  314. This is easy if you know Japanese numbers!

  315. Fun puzzle for this one. After you piece the first bits together, it’s just a bit of time and work to figure out the rest.

    Would have been nice if I’d been into FFR back when this one was added, woulda been a great way to spend a day.

  316. Found it it took forever

  317. is there a reason why the images wont show up for me?

  318. awesome how the links for the hints lead to blank pages now… hmmm

  319. first the images were broken noe they’re even gone :(

  320. Yeah, it’s not working for me, either. :[[[


  321. Uhh…they worked fine for me…

  322. Except, your right. The pics aren’t there.

    Guys, Google is for a reason..

  323. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  324. 1

  325. Yea, the pictures won’t show up for me either, I thought it was just my computer being stupid…

  326. the token wont show up on my profile..is there something wrong?

  327. wow that’s hard .., i think i got the number already ..,well almost xD >-<

  328. the number is 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  329. LOL at the link not even working

  330. Oh right that’s because you have to replace it with.. Nevermind *gets coat*

  331. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  332. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  333. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  334. lol

  335. yah

  336. 23954797979395932337351533351533351

  337. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  338. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  339. e.o im sorry but how…? i actually tried finding this out myself before some random people (>.>) decided to post the number here. the numbers i got are nowhere close.

  340. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  341. tttt

  342. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

  343. 2395479797979395932337351533351533351

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