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Hello. I am Andrew.
Drum & diddle band, stuff.
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Posted on: October 24, 2008, at 09:00:49pm   [0 comments]
Yep. That's right. Cosmic Orchestra 1484-99-7-0-8. Check in my replays until my computer works right.

Holy PA run
Posted on: October 11, 2008, at 05:42:04pm   [0 comments]
Szamar Madar 1045-48-0-1-3

At this rate, i'll have it AAA'd in a month!


I know. Stupid avmisses.

So I just AAA'd a 6
Posted on: September 17, 2008, at 03:49:47pm   [0 comments]
As the title proclaims.. Zodiac is defeated.

And it was pretty much random. Now I will never have to worry about 32nd bursts. They're PAable. :D

Oh and it was for phynx's tourney.. And I did it in like 10 tries.

So I bought a subbie today...
Posted on: August 4, 2008, at 08:58:10pm   [2 comments]
Thanks to wargasm1. Woohoo!

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at 10:12:16pm on 3/24/14
thesunfan writes...
at 9:41:53pm on 3/14/14
signups for the next twg game go up soon if you're still interested. If this is too sudden, the next segment opens tomorrow at noon.
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 7:54:50pm on 3/3/14
definitely keep an eye out for the secondary TWG games. even though this one filled up fairly quickly, ~12 hours is still a lot bigger of a time window than ~1 minute xD
AC1speakerbox writes...
at 3:23:54am on 7/10/09
just a reminder to get your rock band scores in
i love gabba writes...
at 9:06:01pm on 10/12/08
ouach, im at my friends house rite now!
i love gabba writes...
at 8:29:42pm on 10/12/08
Ya, i guess so! btw, thanks for the vote!
so, whats up?
i love gabba writes...
at 10:21:06am on 10/12/08
hey there, im that guy from MP ;) Sorry, my internet got crazy yesterday xD So i couldnt come back xD sorry again!
funmonkey54 writes...
at 9:57:04pm on 9/26/08
Tubas are SOOOOO sexy.
Smokey Demons writes...
at 12:18:47pm on 9/21/08
Hey man hows it going ?
I just came across your profile, so i sent you a challenge :-) Hope you accept !
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