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Umm, well my name backwords is Yevad Selrahc Nahtanoj.
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Deleting all my past random thoughts xD
Posted on: December 26, 2010, at 01:18:02pm   [0 comments]
Because I was stupid when I made most of them, and I said I copied other people's? I don't remember doing that, but hey, I was a copy cat too apparently.

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ICC writes...
at 5:01:15pm on 12/13/10
haha cool... when I came back onto the site it did take me like 5 minutes to find the vote button... and I forgot about being able to select random songs on FFR..
I was like "duuuh I hate having to pick songs, I want a random button" and my friend finally reminded me and I must have been head/desking for about 10 minutes feeling sooo stupid XD
ICC writes...
at 3:45:01pm on 12/13/10
haha thats awesome
Devour writes...
at 3:48:26pm on 7/14/08
Oh god rofl. That's funny as hell. xDD
Devour writes...
at 1:43:11am on 7/14/08
same here, except i never called myself "ace" :P
Devour writes...
at 2:51:39pm on 7/11/08
Yeah, I do. It sucks actually, because jumps are hard as fuck, but I'm getting it down n___n
paiiqexo16 writes...
at 7:03:07pm on 7/9/08
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 7:41:01am on 7/6/08
Roy565 writes...
at 2:35:05am on 7/6/08
Don't mention it. :)
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 11:30:51am on 7/5/08
Xristallixed writes...
at 11:05:06pm on 7/3/08
Hai Jonathan Charles Davey.
Your avi scares the shit out of me. :)
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