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Sooo yeahh.
Posted on: March 8, 2007, at 05:46:47am   [0 comments]
Basiclly. =] I hardly ever am on this anymore. And am so behind, all these new things are confusing. =] Buttt, I do have myspace. So myspace me or something.

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Oxycotyn writes...
at 1:54:21pm on 5/1/08
Slinkyyyyyy writes...
at 5:57:05pm on 2/19/08
lol sup. I live in de too, went to lake forest before i dropped out
Blue June writes...
at 5:22:32pm on 1/13/08
what a lucky number of games played.
im_the_evil_twin writes...
at 10:04:33am on 12/26/07
nice avi
BL_destruction writes...
at 7:28:51am on 9/14/07
no :[
BL_destruction writes...
at 4:32:20pm on 8/28/07
hey. nm. you?
and idk :[
OxDixie_HottnessXo writes...
at 11:19:49am on 8/10/07
random comment &
thumbs up
BL_destruction writes...
at 6:57:47pm on 8/1/07
lmao. that sucks. xD
BL_destruction writes...
at 10:25:39pm on 7/31/07
lol. you guys gonna have uniforms?
BL_destruction writes...
at 3:22:28pm on 7/30/07
hey. im ok.
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