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FFR Rank:18,600
FFR Average Rank:16,632
FFR Grandtotal Rank:7,349
FFR Grandtotal:1,280,653,580
FFR Games Played:2,229
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Posted on: May 12, 2011, at 01:46:01am   [2 comments]
I never play this game.

Sorry. I do check here once in a blue moon though.
Posted on: March 22, 2011, at 01:46:36am   [0 comments]

My adventures into doubles mode, second day.

Song: Across The Nightmare
Difficulty: Standard

And yes, I almost trip and fall flat on my ass :P
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aurumjolteon writes at 11:49:43pm on 1/11/20
Your PFP is really cool. Is that Initial D?
TD_s3b0u writes at 2:04:18am on 9/14/19
you still on?
TD_Pnai writes at 3:15:29am on 9/22/15
Beep beep boop boop. I like how we still exchange comments and messages over other social media. After all of these years.... LOL
cute_wen_u_scream writes at 1:02:17pm on 8/6/14
heeey! :D
TD_GenoCid3 writes at 2:26:41pm on 5/16/14
Tim Allen writes at 3:53:02am on 8/20/13
rip td
TD_Gangster writes at 6:32:40pm on 9/28/12
TD_Pnai writes at 11:17:38pm on 9/20/12
My mother can also beat you at a game of DDR with those army boots
TD_Pnai writes at 3:07:33am on 1/20/12
TD_Pnai writes at 3:12:30am on 11/25/11
same hur, yo. i always go straight to the velocity engine i never check my profile anymore xD