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What I like!!! Wow!!!
Posted on: August 28, 2006, at 04:25:59pm   [0 comments]
What I like...

I like kitties.
I like boys.
I like Dance dance revolution.
I like music.(to add more)
I like AFI.
I like my cellphone.
I like dancing in the rain.
I like foamy the squirrel.
I like screaming "potatoes" .
I like school. (sometimes)
I like being different.
I like playing bari sax.
I like sage.
I like food.
I like cheese.
I like ice cream.
I like cars...and racing.
I like fluorescent lights.
I like black lights.
I like my family (sometimes)
I like ITG.
I like Flash flash revolution.
I like reading books.
I like the internet.
I like Stepmania online.
I like being liked.
I like being sammie <3

Posted on: August 23, 2006, at 12:14:33pm   [0 comments]
This is my new "non haxored account" I cant believe I got hax0red. WTF.
Anyways....I love all my friends on FFR! I LOVE FFR.
Omg so broke up with my bf....of almost 2 months....god....I' m so depressed. But I'm gonna get thru it with all my dignity and my mental health. Lawl. my random thoughts...
1.) Life sux0rz.
2.) Wow, I'm tired.
3.) I wanna eat food.
4.) Your mom.
5.) I love Stepmania online.
6.) I hate my feet. Ewww like zomg so totally nasty.
7.) n3v3rl4nd is my hero.
8.) I need to go play ddr soon. =/

That's all for today folks.

Comment wall
vladimir21 writes...
at 3:21:51am on 8/9/07
eres buena en el FFR porque ya no juegas?
shatteredgravity writes...
at 12:37:33am on 8/6/07
haha i want your shirt and thumbs up ^^
kunio writes...
at 4:38:45am on 7/12/07
hey thier, how be you, yes i am a random guy

but im looking for more kool people on this site for buddies, gotta get those rankings up right

im kunio nice to meet ya! x
leonddrmasta writes...
at 6:07:25pm on 6/5/07
whats the point of being in a relationship with someone if your its just gonna die in 2 months
soulofcerberus writes...
at 1:57:01am on 2/25/07
i will hand 1hander his 1handed ass on a silver platter in the tournament.... just to have fun =]
noshow writes...
at 8:36:21am on 12/17/06
_smokey_ writes...
at 11:16:55pm on 12/12/06
how are ya?
x_midnight_sky_x writes...
at 3:48:56pm on 12/6/06
I misss you Laaavvv
iwearpink writes...
at 11:20:05am on 10/24/06
I bet i know why your fingers are so fast... >.>

Lol, j/p <3 ^_^
TD_Project writes...
at 7:32:22pm on 10/22/06
sup there budday
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