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emocookie writes...
at 4:58:00pm on 4/29/12
hewo ^^
pornofish writes...
at 3:46:02pm on 4/28/12
It has been years since ive been here. man im old. lol
Andiana writes...
at 9:07:29am on 12/10/09
Hah, yeah, it has been a super long time. [:
I'm doing pretty good, just woke up so I'm tired as all hell, plus going to sleep at 4 doesn't help much.
How about you?
HxCunderoath777 writes...
at 8:46:30pm on 9/11/08
ah no problem.
so whats up?
weerd_pnaii3 writes...
at 4:17:11pm on 8/15/08
im goodd Just got home from practice. slightly tired lol
how about yourself? :D
weerd_pnaii3 writes...
at 1:42:01pm on 8/10/08
hehe whats up?
weerd_pnaii3 writes...
at 1:14:38am on 8/5/08
yoo. =]
xemox143 writes...
at 10:56:21pm on 6/24/08
to go spend time with my dad. It's kind of a punishment from my mom cause me and her got into a fight and she wont dare ground me or anything I usally do what ever i want. so I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm a disappointment to him. I'm not that goodie girl with pig tails that wears dresses, I get okayy grades but there not straight A's andd i'm werid that i still like poke'mon, power rangers and cartoons. he tells me all the time i need to grow up. Well guess what ! Being all serious and grown up is no fun and i have plenty of time to do that grown up stuff!!
xemox143 writes...
at 2:24:56am on 6/24/08
I hate it there Even ****
xemox143 writes...
at 1:38:05am on 6/24/08
I hate there.
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