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maybe you xD
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Posted on: January 18, 2011, at 09:57:11am   [0 comments]
are the lesbiansssss

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Reikobi writes...
at 4:18:31pm on 3/1/11
Hey hit me up sometime lol
leonddrmasta writes...
at 11:52:55pm on 1/30/11
oh well :O history is history
leonddrmasta writes...
at 11:18:07pm on 1/20/11
yes it is has, i dont really remember how we first met but i know you were in va
caimec writes...
at 12:04:25am on 1/15/11
leonddrmasta writes...
at 12:29:05pm on 1/9/09
wait now i like you cuz i just realized you know reikobi, whats his real name anyway? like robert or something, i have geosystems class with him in high school
leonddrmasta writes...
at 12:52:39am on 7/30/08
what u want.. i dun like you anymore
slipknot14 writes...
at 1:25:05am on 6/17/08
do u have myspace?
Plan_Bsk81127 writes...
at 2:07:02pm on 4/9/08
eh, its ok. nothin big happens though. why you lived there?
bleach_blonde01 writes...
at 10:09:20am on 3/20/08
aww thanks
BL_destruction writes...
at 12:05:05pm on 3/19/08
ha. i dont like my pics either. but a few other ppl do..
well thank you. even tho i'z ugly
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