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wow, not much to say there. 17. blue eyes. 135lbs.ish .sports. videogames. and intense stuff. Dirtbikes, scuba diving, cliff jumping, and parachuting(when I turn 18)
girls. and other stuff lol
Fav Music:
For some reason, stuff my parents listened to. Also, good current music, just no rap
Fav Movies:
matrix, lord of the rings all three, harrypotter all, and a few others that were good
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kiki124 writes...
at 12:21:48pm on 8/16/07
i lubb u!!...jk
matt_eichhorst writes...
at 11:54:11am on 8/16/07
you are a idiot... so can i borrow 5 dollars lol jk
kiki124 writes...
at 12:11:52am on 8/8/07
hey whats up
ap19 writes...
at 5:26:44am on 7/22/07
nyaaaaahahahaha, thumbs up
Stewie7Griffin writes...
at 8:37:23pm on 7/1/07
go here log/web_invitation.p hp?userId=14471614&a mp;from=power-email and will u plz plz plz jus register to the site ad verify ur email and then u dont hafta look at the site again jus do it i will get free credits PLZ PLZ do it PLZ
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 4:30:18pm on 6/24/07
heyy u like zelda to?
hazel_eyed_girll writes...
at 3:58:04pm on 6/9/07
lol ik...i never go on anymore...too much tennis and all to do this stuff...but im great!!!! and you
Lvytn writes...
at 4:59:32pm on 6/1/07
Nice Avvy
cute_wen_u_scream writes...
at 7:50:42pm on 5/30/07
deffinitly has beem.
mm pretty good i guess. happy that schools almost out.
how are you?
RB_Yushi writes...
at 1:57:59pm on 5/30/07
seems odd to me but idk
i get off of school in like 2 weeks
then ill hav 3 months of torture
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