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my myspace url is triviumxxguitar. New York. im in middle school. im 11. male. goth, emo, metal head or anything else you wanna call me. 5'2 tall. my favorite writing utensil is the kind of black sharpy that the ink mark gets bigger if you hold it in the same place. yea, everyone likes them they just don't think of it often.
ddr, runescape, skateboarding, ffr and electric guitar i like invader zim and family guy and futurama and viva la bam downloading shit to my iPod
Fav Music:
white stripes, rage against the machine, metallica and some classical rock like led zepplin, aerosmith and the who i like pretty much all heavy metal and screamo. beasty boys are the original white rappers so you gotta like them. i like sabatoge,we gotta fight for the right to party. nirvana,system of a down panic! at the disco. i like one of there songs, I write sins not tradgeties. black sabbath(sp?),Hourcast, Diecast, Godsmack, Black Label Society, Hate Breed, trivium
Fav Movies:
comedeys and horrors. my fav horrors are nightmare on elm street, and friday the 13th. my fav comedy is monty python and the holy grail
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Posted on: December 18, 2006, at 05:12:42pm   [0 comments]

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satanic records
Posted on: October 16, 2006, at 03:48:44pm   [0 comments]
go to google and look up stairway to heaven backwards. its reeeaaallly cool. says lots of stuff about satan. ill try to remember some stuff they say backwards.

Oh heres to my sweet satan. the one whos little path that would me sad whose the power is satan. he'll give you give you 666. there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer sad satan.

forwards it says,
if theres a bustle in your hedrow, dont be alarmed now. its just a spring clean for the may queen. yes there are two paths you may go by, but in the long run. theres still time to change the road your on.

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quacky07 writes...
at 7:50:51pm on 6/26/07
i think that was death
telinx13 writes...
at 7:16:35pm on 6/26/07
thats kool we have something in common i like heavy meatl and adult swim.=]
bl00dbath writes...
at 11:05:30am on 6/22/07
hey everyone! you should all check this out! its really cool! just copy and paste it! its a really cool game! you will love it id you like vampires and werewolves. http://world5.monste &vid=59200313
jrpg writes...
at 12:29:57pm on 6/21/07
woah sweet reaper avatar
bl00dbath writes...
at 6:28:32pm on 5/1/07
hello everyone on ffr. i kinda quit ffr but you can go to my myspace to talk to me if you want. My myspace url is iumxxguitar
h8sRevenge writes...
at 4:33:48pm on 4/7/07
im h8myl1f3 im banned add me
Emmathuaneliette writes...
at 6:23:22am on 4/2/07
ur av is kool
Sku11 writes...
at 8:36:45pm on 2/21/07
YOUR AVATAR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
anime_132 writes...
at 7:43:55pm on 2/17/07
hay its me kagome_908 but it got banned for some reason i don't know why!! so please add this screen name
MrPoptart writes...
at 3:28:07am on 1/28/07
how do you uplaod photos onto FFR?
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