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im a emo goth kid who plays guitar and plays in a band and loves to draw and i get mad easy and im depressed all of the time until i talk to pheonix she makes my day
playing guitar, pheonix,music, movies, and ur mom
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avenged sevenfold, black label society, canible corpse, him
Fav Movies:
saw 1 and 2, and hostel
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Posted on: August 3, 2006, at 06:14:41am   [0 comments]
well this is so rambom i dont know what to put so (sigh) .......... I NEED COFFEE if you have some give it to me plz

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xTiff3rzx writes...
at 6:46:14pm on 12/24/07
Merry Xmas Eve.
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 3:16:39pm on 11/10/07
Hey, how are you ? :D
Paradox0 writes...
at 7:15:51pm on 8/15/07
haha, me to (maybe its because I have an excuse to not go outside anyways)
RB_SATANIC_666 writes...
at 4:37:18pm on 6/25/07
jaaaa I have MSN im not gonna tell u it on here tho cuz I dont want a bunch or retards adding me xD
zeuz writes...
at 10:46:35am on 6/15/07
Hi! Cool fav movies.. have u seen saw 3 and hostel part II ? =)
RB_SATANIC_666 writes...
at 4:12:48pm on 6/6/07
not much and ur self?
revolutionomega writes...
at 5:56:03pm on 5/26/07
woggie come bak!!!!!!
DalucaCryptrule writes...
at 6:21:41pm on 5/23/07
I like your avi
crazy boy on patrol writes...
at 3:31:48pm on 5/22/07
bluemuffin_yoshi writes...
at 4:36:42pm on 5/10/07
i'm not happy when it rains
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