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musicdemon's Gameplay Stats Today
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I'm 21 years old and I'm currently majoring in Web Programming. Check out my new website:
Modding Games, Diablo 2, Street Fighter 3, Flash Flash Revolution (FFR), Programming, Gaming, Running, Singing, Music of all kinds, Fixing/Messing with Computers, Real-time Strategies, Technology, Frisbee, Organization, Star Wars movies and novels, and Networking
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CURRENT FAVORITES [March 7, 2009]: DJ SHARPNEL, OSTER Project, VENETIAN SNARES Others: 2 Live Crew, AC/DC, AFI, Alestorm, AMG, Benny Benassi, Big Pun, Billy Idol, blink-182, The Bloodhound Gang, Box Car Racer, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Daft Punk, Dio, Dispatch, Disturbed, DJ Alligator, DJ Tiesto, DJ Sharpnel, DragonForce, Earth Wind & Fire, Eminem, Foreigner, Godsmack, Green Day, Group X, Incubus, Jamiroquai, Jimmy Eat World, John Williams, The Killers, Korn, Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Lost Prophets, Maroon 5, Metallica, Michael Jackson, The Misfits, Motley Crue, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Nightwish, Nirvana, No Doubt, NOFX, Offspring, Oooh Boyz, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, Planet Smashers, Powerglove, Prodigy, Puddle of Mudd, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reel Big Fish, Staind, Snoop Dogg, Sublime, System of a Down, Taking Back Sunday, Tenacious D, The Black Mages, Third Eye Blind, Tool, UPenn Off the Beat, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Weird Al Yankovic
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FFR Stats: August 10, 2009
Posted on: August 10, 2009, at 06:56:32pm   [0 comments]
August 10, 2009
Public AAAs: 194/720 (26.94%)
Total AAAs: 227/720 (31.53%) + 3 unrecorded
FCs: 589/720 (81.81%)

Overall Rank: 465
Avg Rank: 597
Regional Rank (New England): 26
Tier Points: 41 (41 + 0 for 227 AAAs)
Best AAA: Song For All Time
Synthlight AAA's: 14/26
Highest Difficulty AAA: 53 [Brightone (704 Notes / BPM 155)]
Blackflags: 14
Booflags: 2
Single Digit Goods: 68

Multiplayer Level: 13
Skill Tokens: 71

I'm Back!
Posted on: August 2, 2009, at 11:00:25pm   [1 comment]
After a brief vacation from FFR, I'm back. I've almost re-acquired my previous skills through practice the last couple of days. I even AAA'd an old foe: Red Dress [Heavy].

I've got a new website, too. Check it out:

It's good to be here again :)

Epic Street Fighter Round
Posted on: March 19, 2009, at 11:41:54am   [0 comments]
You don't have to know anything about Street Fighter to appreciate this video :)

Posted on: March 18, 2009, at 10:26:20am   [2 comments]
I've discovered that merely raising my wrists off of the table when I play (like a pianist) makes for a better and faster FFR experience. It feels odd for now, but I think it'll help with my endurance problem in the long run. This'll probably help with my trills too, because my fingers won't randomly get stuck because of fatigue. It's nice to not have sore wrists for once :)

FFR Stats: March 16, 2009
Posted on: March 16, 2009, at 07:57:43am   [1 comment]
March 16, 2009
Public AAA's: 177/679 (26.07%)
Total AAA's: 210/679 (30.93%) + 3 unrecorded
Overall Rank: 683
Avg Rank: 610
Regional Rank (New England): 28
Tier Points: 38 (36 + 2 for 210 AAAs)
Best AAA: Song For All Time
Synthlight AAA's: 12/26
Highest Difficulty AAA: 52 [Driveway [Heavy] (1067 Notes / BPM 213)]
Blackflags: 10
Booflags: 2
Yet To Play (ALL categories): 55 songs
Secret Songs to Unlock: 5

Multiplayer Level: 13
Skill Tokens: 71

Comment wall
irishknight writes...
at 6:05:12pm on 10/23/10
thanks for letting me know about ffr!
-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 11:30:26pm on 10/18/10
rushyrulz writes...
at 9:57:01pm on 10/28/09
awein999 writes...
at 5:51:11pm on 10/9/09
glad to see your playing too :D
gafandriel writes...
at 2:38:58pm on 9/29/09
What the helll?
You're online?
When did you start playing again??
foilman8805 writes...
at 10:22:06am on 9/28/09
lol, you're welcome for the laughs. i had a few good ones too. threads like that are great because all you really have to do is give them a nudge, and then they start rolling down the hill on their own.
awein999 writes...
at 5:03:07pm on 9/25/09
very nice, I'm pretty bad at ffr now haven't really played the past month. Everything has gone to crap lol
rushyrulz writes...
at 3:44:03pm on 9/24/09
me too.
awein999 writes...
at 5:35:00pm on 9/23/09
pretty fantastic, I'm really happy with my senior year I think I am starting to find myself if that makes any sense. It's really nice. Last year was a nightmare. How are you?
Panic4Me writes...
at 5:15:45pm on 9/20/09
How could I forget you? :o I was gone all afternoon. >_<
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